Freelance Digital Marketing Career: What are my job options?

Are you on a hunt for the job that would give you the opportunity to manage and control your time, be at home to take care of your children or your loved ones, and still do a job that is rewarding?  Are you looking for just a side-hustle or are you thinking of completely switching careers?

Well if you have been looking online, you would know that there are lots of options, but there’s one job that is critical today and will still be in demand in the future -- that is freelance digital marketing. In this article, well show you how you can become a freelance digital marketer. Ready?

What is digital marketing?

First, let’s understand what it is. Are you familiar with the different social media platforms? Do you have a knack in sharing products and services that you love? If you are doing those things to promote businesses and services, and you collect a fee for what you do, then you are already doing digital marketing.

What are your career options in freelance digital marketing?

There are different ways that you can do it. Here are the different roles or jobs that you can do in line with digital marketing:

  • Writer: Content is the number 1 driver in marketing online. As a writer, you can write different types of content to make the sales pitch or to market the product. The longer the article, the better is for your product page, website, or blog to rank higher in Google. Advertisers can request for content packages or use your website or blog for Cost-Per-Click type of advertisement. Other types of content that you can do as a writer are product reviews and descriptions, social media posts, marketing video scripts, and more.
  • Graphic designer: Content without graphic is boring and does very little to attract readers online. That is why when you are a graphic designer; your skill becomes key in completing the content that writers are working on. The types of output that you could make include info graphics, banners, social media post graphics, blog post images, logos, and more.
  • Videographer/Video editor: Videos are now the most convenient source of information. In fact, a study shows that 97% understand a product more by watching videos than reading blocks of text. People spend hour’s just watching how-tos, trivia, and music videos, from their tablets or phones. Not to mention the fact that Google ranks YouTube results higher because YouTube is a Google product. So if you can shoot and edit videos, then you are in for the exciting ride in digital marketing.
  • Researcher/Analyst: Before any content is written, any design created, or any video shot and edited, there is a need to research to find out what is the next best topic or keyword to work on to make that promotion boost to your products and services. There you have it! If you have one or all of these skills, then you might be the one most companies, startups, and entrepreneurs are looking for. If you don’t have any of these skills yet, it’s high time to start learning about them to get in the wave of freelance digital marketing.

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