Free SEO Tools for Boost Website Performance

You don't know how long your website can survive on the internet. That's why each and every developer use SEO for their website to ensure that their performance is boosting day by day. But not every person have the knowledge of search engine optimization.

An average non-technical person should pursue some kind of seo training to get knowledge of SEO. By using the SEO techniques you can boost your website performance. There are also some add-ons in SEO known as SEO tools by using such tools you can enhance not only the ranking of your website but also the performance of your website, you can get to know the status of your website how its growing and what steps you will have to take in future to grow your audience etc.

There is some kind of tools which you can use to boost your website performance :

1 Google Page-speed Insights :

In today's world, everything we need is as soon as possible no matter whether it is any real-world thing or anything present on the internet, we want those as fast as we can get.  that's why you must ensure your that how long your website takes to load on any browser on any mobile and desktop. A slow loading page can affect your website ranking and a slow loading page can also increase the bounce rate of your website since your visitors will just go away because it takes too much time to load the information. The Google pagespeed insights is the best tool for that, it gives you the score known as the pagespeed score. The score is categorized as Good (above 80), Medium (60-79) and Low (0-59). It also provides the suggestion of how your webpage may be improved.

2 MOZ Toolbar :

  As we know that the result shown on any search engine is based on their score higher the score higher the ranking. The MOZ toolbar is an extension which you can add on your browser and it shows DA and PA of not only your website but also the each and every website you visits.

The MOZ also shows the ranking of a website on several platforms, how much backlinks on your websites.

3 Siteliner :

  The Siteliner is the tool which you can use to find any duplicate content on your website. The duplicate content can lower the traffic to your website. The Siteliner is also useful for finding the broken links on content, it also helps you in getting the page power of any page.

4 Copyspace :

  The Copyspace is same as siteliner, it is the free tool to detect the duplicate content on the outside of your website. It also detects that who is stealing your content.

5 Google Trends :

   You should never forget to use this tool. The Google Trends is the best tools for finding the latest searching trends all around the world. it also shows that what people are more interested in at any given time. Based on that trend you can create your content and become the part of that trends which can help you in increasing the traffic on your website.

6 Google analytics :

 It is the best google marketing platform tool. It gives you the feedback of your website performance, it also gives the insights into your traffic, From where they come, bounce rate etc. It gives you the suggestions that what’s is working for you and what’s not.

7 SERPs rank checker :

  It is an essential tool as you know people never search for any particular site they always search a keyword that’s why this tool helps you to see the current ranking of your website according to any particular keyword.

8 Keyword Tool :

  It is an alternative of Google keyword planner which provides the platform where it can generate hundreds of keywords of any particular topics. You can generate the keyword of the latest Google trends according to your content and your website.

 Those are just eight tools which you can use to boost your website performance. There are many tools available in the market to which can improve your performance. As deep you go into search engine optimisation you will find many tools which can help you to boost website performance. SEO classes in Indore can help you in enhancing your SEO skills which you can implement on your website for not only in increasing the traffic of your website but it can also help you to optimise your website.

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