Evolution of Careers in Technology – What The Future Holds

Evolution of Careers in Technology – What The Future Holds

Technology has always been an ever growing field. With time, it has become the largest segment in the market, and is now a part of almost every sector – from health, education, agriculture, art, manufacturing, to finance and so many more. The stage of development that the world has reached today, could not have been reached without the growth technology. Technology holds immense importance in the functioning of any enterprise and even in our lives as individuals. It has brought about efficiency in the manufacturing sector and comfort in the lives of individuals.

With the continuous growth of technology, the type and number of careers and job opportunities in the field has grown exponentially. It has given a boost to careers that existed before and also brought about newer ones. It has completely changed and shaped the business and cultural world. Even as recent as ten or fifteen years ago, jobs like being a data scientist or a drone operator did not even exist, but are now prominent and booming careers.

Some such careers and jobs in the field of technology that are expected to be strongly in demand in the future are listed below.

1.     Data Scientist

“Data is the new oil.” The number of times you may have heard it may make you roll your eyes, but that does not stop it from being true. Collecting the data that a company produces, analysing it and using it to indicate future events, predict results, figure out alternatives and helping the decision makers in taking actions with more efficiency and accuracy, are the many tasks that a data scientist is responsible for. They have a strong background in computer science and applications, math, statistics, modelling and analytics. With so many businesses turning to online platforms and computers for carrying out various tasks, the demand for data scientists is gradually increasing.

2.     Web Developer

Becoming a web developer in today’s world may be one of the best career choices to make, if you have the relevant skill sets. The field of web development has grown rapidly in the recent years and is still going higher and getting better. Unlike what some people believe, basic knowledge of programming languages is not enough for becoming a web developer, the process is much more complicated. A web developer, even a gaming developer is responsible for coding, designing, and creating the layout of a website according to their client’s specifications and demands. One needs to have a competitive edge and work on learning new languages and frameworks that are yet to be popular, it is not just about learning tried and tested languages. The field has shown considerable growth and continues to be in demand in the market for various reasons.

3.     Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analyst are not people with knowledge about information technology. Instead, they understand the needs of the businesses and logistics and have the capability to integrate technology with them. They take a deep look at a company’s computer systems and procedures, and design or improve them to make them more efficient and useful, and help the company run its systems smoothly. These analysts stay updated with the new technologies available in the market, and constantly keep improving their work. With so many businesses relying more and more on computers to get a lot of work done, and to operate databases, the demand for computer systems analysts keeps increasing.

4.     Cybersecurity Specialist

Everything in the world has two sides – the good and the bad. Even though technology is making our lives better with new advancements every day, these advancements also open doors to various security risks. Cybercrimes in the form of theft, fraud, scams and security breaches have also grown with the growth of technology. As a result, more and more cybersecurity specialists are required and hired to for nullifying theses threats. Not only that, they are expected to constantly look out for potential threats and get rid of them to keep the systems secure and safe.

5.     Robotic and Artificial Intelligence

When people used traditional dusting tools, nobody thought that they were lacking something, or that they needed innovation in such mundane tasks. Then came the vacuum cleaner, and suddenly it became a necessity for so many households. We still thought this was it, but then came the Roomba, or the robot vacuum cleaners, that are making a name for themselves in the cleaning area. Such a simple example just proves that even the smallest tasks in life can be improved with new robots that can carry out new functions. The advancements in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence have had a great impact on various fields in the world, and has created a number of new jobs.

6.     Augmented Reality Life Designer

A very uncommon and out of the box career choice in the future tech world would be of designing augmented reality life. Various brands and companies can use augmented reality to deliver an unforgettable experience to their customers. Designing augmented reality is no easy task, every little detail needs to be looked after and perfected. Brands have started investing in AR designers who would ne able to connect with the clients and create the reality that they desire.

The field of technology is unpredictable, we never know what ideas or advancements someone might come up with. But one thing that cannot be denied is that it all really relies on innovation. Someone with genuine ideas and relevant skills can help the world grow with enhancing technology. The best way to help your mind become more innovative is reading and learning things that may not be in your syllabus. Acadru provides a number of courses that will help you widen your knowledge in the various topics and upcoming opportunities in the technological world.

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