Environmental Awareness Training Can Boost Your Business

FACT: Environmental responsibility is no longer an add-on for an organisation striving to attract more customers; it is a crucial requirement that should form the very heart of the business.

Implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 is not a matter of just ticking a box; it's all about changing the mindset of an organisation, from the top down, so that environmental responsibility is pivotal to all policies and procedures.

Even the most sceptical business owners have been amazed by the effects of putting their organisation through environmental awareness training. It's not just the focus on the environment that improves, it's also staff morale and motivation, customer satisfaction and reputation.

Save Money, Grow Profits

There's one more element that receives a huge boost, too - your bottom line. Environmental awareness training will save your organisation money and boost your profits, and if that's not motivation, what is!

Let me explain. When you go through the process to implement Environmental Management System ISO 14001, you start making fundamental changes to how you run your organisation, and how you use resources.

The process teaches us to reduce our use of raw materials, and reduce waste, in order to lessen our impact on the environment. This, in turn, amounts to increased financial savings. Revised and updated in 2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 will also improve an organisation's reputation, and increase customers.

Implementing Management System

Implementing Environmental Management System ISO 14001 takes place in stages. First, the actual management system and documentation is designed, incorporating existing successful policies. This is generally done with the help of ISO specialists, such as SC Training Centre in Brisbane.

The new management system is then implemented, and staff are trained. The next step is internal auditing and review, followed by third party auditing, certification and ongoing improvement.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 is not only a great way of 'greening' your organisation and reducing costs; it will also help you achieve legal compliance. Quite rightly, there are a plethora of rules and regulations governing our environment these days, and ensuring you've got everything covered can be tricky. ISO accreditation takes away that worry.

Major Marketing Boost

Once certification is achieved, that can be promoted on your products and it will make a huge difference to your marketing. However, you will also experience positive indirect marketing, too, through word-of-mouth, from both your customers and your employees.

You will notice that employees become more motivated and 'invested' because they feel they are helping make a difference and that will have positive knock-on effects through their families and out into the wider community.

It is also quite likely that you will find it easier to do business with the bigger players. For example, you may wish to pitch for a government tender, or become a supplier to a bigger organisation. In both cases you will generally find that they insist on ISO accreditation.

Statistics show that consumers take environmental responsibility seriously so environmental awareness training is no longer a choice, it's a necessity, for any business that wants to successfully trade and grow its market share.

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