End to end guide on preschool franchise

End to end guide on preschool franchise

As the population of a country increases, so do the number of children needing education. This has made a number of entrepreneurs turn to set up preschool, daycare and other types of schools as an entrepreneurial venture. When it comes to educational institutions, reputation is very important. This makes educational franchises a more appealing venture as compared to setting up a preschool independently. 

What is a franchise business?

A franchise model is one where the franchisors or owners give the rights of using their business name, logo and models to franchisees or third party retail outlets. The franchise system works across a wide variety of industries. It is this model that allows schools such as Little Ville to have branches across the country and to maintain high-quality standards. 

Eventually, franchising is all about relationships- franchisors must support franchisees in their endeavour and franchisees must uphold the standards and values of the franchisor. 

How to become a franchisee?

Franchisees can be described as independent, third party operators. They must follow the guidelines of the franchisor and meet their standards but it is the franchisees who are responsible for the day to day running of the enterprise. 

To become a franchisee, an entrepreneur must typically pay an initial fee or a royalty to use the products, services and trade name. The franchisee may also receive help on-site selection, operating manuals, quality control, training and the development of a marketing strategy. Thus, a certain amount of capital is needed.

Why preschool franchise?

Preschool and playschool franchises have become a lucrative option for many entrepreneurs. It has benefits for everyone. Entrepreneurs have a chance to do their bit towards making quality education accessible to more children. For entrepreneurs who own their own space, this is a low-risk opportunity to monetize the space. As part of a franchise network like the Little Ville network, franchisees get the support and guidance necessary to make the venture successful and minimize the chance of losses. 

How to start a preschool franchise?

Preschool franchise models can work in many different ways. The first step for franchisees is to pick the best preschool franchise. The franchisor you choose should offer a good ROI, support with training, marketing, design and curriculum. Also, look at the preschools already operating and their reputation. You would typically also have to choose between a model that involves an initial cost with no royalty and a royalty model. 

Little Ville has over 80 centres spread across 4 states. This is a low investment model that promises high returns. Little Villa also has a specialized curriculum called IGNITE that focuses on a student’s holistic development. When you choose to be a part of this franchise network, you will also get support for infrastructure, recruitment and training and marketing. What makes it exceptionally appealing is that this is a royalty-free model. 

Once you’ve decided which franchise model you want to be a part of, you need to find space that is adequate for preschool and put together capital for the same. 

Cost of preschool franchise

To be a part of the Little Ville Franchise network, you would need an investment of INR 5 Lac - 10 Lac. You would also need an area of at least 1200sqft. In  addition, you should keep in mind costs such as equipment, recruitment, teacher salaries, etc. Thus, you must also consider the cost of buying or renting such a space.  Since Little Ville is a royalty-free model, you will not have to worry about monthly recurrent costs. 

Benefits of starting a preschool franchise

There are a  number of benefits to setting up a preschool franchise. It’s an opportunity to be your own boss. This preschool will be your responsibility and you get to decide your timings, your office space, etc. You also get to be in complete control of all operations. As compared to setting up your own school from scratch, the financial risk of setting up a franchise is much lower. 

In exchange of the one-time investment, your teachers will receive the support and training necessary to achieve a high standard of education. That’s not all, you get to go to sleep at night with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done something that will help children take the first step towards their physical, mental and scholastic development. Remember, this is the foundation of a child’s educational journey. 

Choosing the best preschool franchise

When it comes to selecting the best preschool franchise and the best play school franchise, Little Ville is a name to be reckoned with. There’s more than one reason why educational entrepreneurs pick this franchise model. 

Little Ville believes in making learning fun and promotes the same through the IGNITE curriculum. All franchisees get to use this curriculum in their preschools. The franchisees also get support for recruiting and training teachers to use this curriculum. The Little Ville training workshops offer 24 x 7 support to their franchisees and this reflects on the popularity of the Little Ville franchise network. This support is also extended towards customized equipment and support for design and marketing. Franchisees are free to source equipment from the franchise owners or from other sources that fit their budget better.

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