Airports In and Around Fortaleza, Brazil

Pinto Martins - Fortaleza International Airport (FOR / SBFZ) is the closest major airport in the vicinity of Fortaleza. Located 14 km from the heart of the city, this airport can be easily reached by renting a car in Fortaleza from Hertz. Along with the Pinto Martins - Fortaleza International Airport caters to international as well as domestic passengers, the other domestic airports near Fortaleza include:

  • Mossoro Airport - Mossoro, Brazil (MSD), 256 km away
  • Dix-Sept Rosado Airport - Mossoro, Brazil (MVF / SBMS), 256 km away
  • Augusto Severo International Airport - Natal, Brazil (NAT / SBNT), 440 km away
  • Parnaiba Airport - Parnaiba, Brazil (PHB), 491 km away
  • Teresina Airport - Senator Petrônio Portella - Teresina, Brazil (THE / SBTE), 600 km away
  • Crato Airport - Crato, Brazil (CQQ), 618 km away
  • Presidente João Suassuna Airport - Campina Grande, Brazil (CPV / SBKG), 621 km away.

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