5 Running Benefits | Why You Should Run in Winter

5 Running Benefits | Why You Should Run in Winter

Running is one of the best ways to work out and get your share of Vitamin D in the winter, provided you go in the morning. Some say it is therapeutic and others just like the cardiovascular benefits it provides. It also helps clear the mind, so it is probably the best thing to do in the morning. Plus, it just gets you out of your home and that is a good thing. Moreover, winter is the time when you gain excess fat because you want to stay under the sheets for longer than usual and eat more than usual. So there’s a higher need to get out and run in the winter. Plus, the cold allows us to burn more calories while also keeping us warm. Lose weight with all kinds of workout sessions with FITPASS.

5 Benefits of Running in the Winter

  • Lose Fat

It is a scientific fact that the body stores up more fat in the winter. This was important when we were not as advanced as we are now. It is not like we need to go in the search for food every day. As a result, we are more relaxed and eat a little too much. But we still store fat in winters, and it is hard to lose in summers unless we exercise in the winter. Running in winter can help us prevent the metabolic slow down and burn calories easily.

  • Burn Extra Calories

When you run outside in winters, the body must work harder to help you perform the activity as well as keep you warm. This increases the metabolism as you run and after as the body returns to normal temperature. Running, therefore, is a good way to burn those extra calories we consume to stay warm and thus also a better way to stay warmer in general.

  • Happiness

Being happy is a big need in current times because we are metaphorically running after hard-to-get things in life. Plus, less sun means being more grumpy, lethargic and low. The solution is running because like other cardio activities, it increases the levels of serotonin in our body, making us happier and more energetic.

  • Supports Fitness in Summer

Summer is a long way off, but it will not be much in terms of our weight goals if we put on too many extra kilos. To realize your summer body goals, you should start running in the cold weather so that you have less to do in the summers. Otherwise, by the time you reach your goal weight, winter might be knocking at the door. Do some work now so that you don’t have to do it all together.

  • Clear your mind

Winter or not, we all have enough work to drive us crazy. Plus, the everyday worries take a toll on us every day. Running can be your me-time where you do nothing but care for yourself. It is the time when you can shut yourself off and release the stress. It is much better than spending too much online or on the screen.

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