Why People Wear Masonic Rings?

If you are a Master Mason, then you will want to showcase your pride and status by wearing a masonic ring. The masonic ring symbolizes your commitment and loyalty to the core values of fraternity, respect, and community leadership upheld by Mason members across the globe. Each masonic ring is designed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and will last you a lifetime. Show your pride and loyalty with an elegant and priceless masonic ring.

The History of Masonic Signet Rings

While no one knows the exact date that Masonic rings began to be worn by fraternity members, Signet rings have been a symbol of power and authority throughout history. In past eras, Signet members were worn by royalty, high-ranking officials and nobleman to signify their nobility, power, and authority.

Today, Freemasons proudly wear their Masonic rings as a symbol of their ongoing loyalty to the brotherhood, and to indicate to others that they are members of the oldest fraternity on Earth. Because signet rings denote authority and authenticity, they are made with precious metals and stones. As real rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds can run a very high price tag, manufacturers of masonic rings now offer synthetic stones at far more affordable prices. A gold two-tone men’s synthetic sapphire ring, for example, is still a fine and strikingly beautiful piece of jewelry, but it does not come with an exorbitant price tag.

How to Wear a Masonic Ring

There are no rules stipulating which finger a Freemason should wear his Masonic ring on. Typically, the rings are worn on the index finger, or often on the pinky. There is some debate, however, as to which direction the square and compasses, the iconic symbols of freemasonry, should face. When these symbols appear on a building or button, the compasses typically point down. Similarly, when displayed on an altar, the compasses point away from the Mason Master.

Some men prefer to wear their rings with the compasses facing towards them to remind them of their ongoing commitment and loyalty to the fraternity. Other men, however, prefer to wear their rings with the compasses facing outwards to show others that they are a member of the freemasonry. As historical signet rings were worn as a “Seal of Authenticity,” wearing your ring with the compasses pointing away from you can indicate your authenticity as a Master Mason. However you choose to wear your ring, one thing is clear: wearing a masonic ring will surely attract the respect and admiration of others.

The Right Ring for You

Masonic rings can be designed to be simple or ornate, but their message remains the same: they are, without doubt, an expression of a man’s life-long loyalty to the world’s oldest fraternity. By wearing masonic rings, Freemasons can automatically tell if a complete stranger is, in fact, part of the Mason brotherhood. Choosing the right ring for you, one that expresses your loyalty as well as your personality, can be a difficult task, but Masonic rings can be simple or highly elaborate and ornate, so finding the perfect ring to suit your style and personality is possible-you just have to look in the right place.


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