What Can You Achieve with the Kiosk Module of an ERP System?

What Can You Achieve with the Kiosk Module of an ERP System?

ERP system is designed to handle all of the main business roles. What if you work on an ERP solution for your manufacturing business which is having a Kiosk module? It is basically a shop floor data collection software which is integrated with ERP software. You can also generate ‘move tickets’ with it to guide the shop floor operator about the parts moving on the floor and when the sequence has been completed.

It refers to a label which notifies the operator about the execution of events. With this combination, the benefits of manufacturing ERP systems become 2x greater.

In this article, we will dwell on the achievables of the Kiosk-ERP system.

1. Whiteboard schedule operation
Planning your manufacturing tasks is what you have been doing for quite some time. But that planning lacks the connectivity between the tasks. Suppose, if you make alterations in one operation, then changes in other tasks do not happen simultaneously. If the Kiosk module is integrated with the ERP system, you can easily execute whiteboard scheduling and all of the tasks get updated automatically. All you need to do is to add a job in the machine to get the said benefit.

2. Clock-In/Out
You can keep an eye on the working shifts of the employees with the time & attendance terminal. By using the best ERP software, workers could check in and check out daily. Moreover, this Kiosk solution also comes up with a group clock-in feature. As a representative of the team, an employee can check in on behalf of other workers as well. It eliminates the need of HRIS partially since you can access the core features to ease up your routine tasks. So, if you are setting up HRMS just for attendance then no need to do it.

3. Data Assortment & Examination
By enabling Kiosk mode of ERP software, you can collect the data of customers at the cash counter in the shop through touch screen Kiosks. You can also view details of store traffic, highly sought-after products and wait duration, etc. This will help you describe the buyer persona. It will guide you for who your customers are and thereby improve your services for customer satisfaction.

4. Paperless Job Shop
In order to have a paperless job shop, the Kiosk system is required. It will enable you to observe the status of jobs. Since, scheduling software is integrated so you will be able to track all the scheduled jobs on which employee has to work on. Without having a need for documents, employees can walk up to the Kiosk system and see the listed jobs. He can select the job, see the blueprints, comments, takes up the job and completes it. Later, a ‘move ticket’ is generated which shows the task number, further task and the relevant information. Again, the employee adopts the same procedure for the next task.

Final Thoughts
If such an ERP solution is accessible which also provides Kiosk features, then why pay for a discrete software? You can avail such services by reaching MIE Solutions. Its leading software MIE Trak Pro is packed with all the features which are discussed above.

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