What Are the Best HRIS Software Most Used by Companies?

What Are the Best HRIS Software Most Used by Companies?

Today, there are many tools to administer your human resources. Among them, HRIS Software stands out thanks to the many features it offers and its ease of use.

From recruitment to payroll management through automation, the HRIS system assists human resources in their daily lives. As this software helps to do HR tedious tasks, it became an essential solution for them.

However, what are the most used HRIS software names in the professional world? Let's learn!

What is HRIS Software?

HRIS system is a Human Resources Information System that allows HRs to manage all processes and data related to employees.

The HRIS offers a range of functionalities to bring together all the information relating to a company's employees. It offers several features to ease the work of human resources.

Also, it is a tool that makes it possible to automate most repetitive HR tasks. Consequently, it boosts the productivity and performance of the company.

Moreover, the Best HRIS Software optimizes the employee experience thanks to its various modern modules.

What Are the Key Features of HRIS?

If the HRIS system is so successful in organizations, it is because it is a complete tool with multiple functionalities.

On the menu, we find:

  • Employee Management: All employee data is centralized within the software for better data management.
  • Payroll Management: It allows the management of salaries, pay slips, paid leave, tax deductions, etc.
  • Recruitment and Application Management: You can take care of the complete recruitment process. It handles everything from application research, job postings, interview scheduling and onboarding.
  • Work Time Tracking: HRIS software is a great tool for tracking working hours as well as managing absences, leave and overtime.
  • Performance Management: It facilitates the monitoring of employee performance, periodic evaluations, feedback, and the implementation of training to boost the company's ROI.
  • Task Automation: It is an ideal tool for automating the majority of HR tasks and simplifying the work of your teams.
  • Reporting and Analyses: It allows you to generate and analyze reports so that HR managers can study the key performance indicators and make the right decisions.

What are the Best HRIS Software Names Out There?

We prefer to warn you from the outset: the HRIS market is well-stocked and even almost saturated. However, some tools stand out.

Here are the HRMS most used by companies.

NYGGS HR Software

NYGGS's Cloud-based HRIS Software has already been adopted by more than 1,000 companies across India. Its cloud technology makes this HRIS system the best fit for small businesses.

The NYGGS solution is ultra-complete and allows you to manage your human resources while promoting the commitment and performance of your employees.

Simple to use, the NYGGS tool offers multiple features: process automation, payroll management, centralization and security of data, talent management and time tracking... The offer is a plethora!

Request your free NYGGS HRIS Software demo!

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a complete solution well-known to HR managers. This tool is aimed at all types of companies, whether they are large or small. However, it is software largely focused on administrative personnel management.

Workday HR Suite

It's difficult to talk about the most used HRIS without mentioning Workday HR Suite. Thanks to its comprehensive modules. It stands out as an "all-in-one" Human Resources Software that is simple and intuitive.


PayFit is also a well-known player in the HR market. It is a solution that is rather specialized, as it indicates, in payroll and attendance management.

SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors is software that offers more effective HR management at a comprehensive level. It is mainly used by large enterprises.

Furthermore, the company offers a range of modules brought together on a single platform. SAP Success Factors is particularly recommended for large companies in terms of time and activity management, human capital administration, talent management, and even payroll.

Factorial HR

Factorial HRIS Software promises to save you time managing your human resources. Above all, it is a solution that offers simpler HR process management while improving the quality of life at work.


Another HRIS software that is on the rise is Monday.com! This solution mainly focuses on the employee experience through the monitoring of skills and performance.

Although it is aimed at all sizes of companies, it is a welcome tool for obtaining an overall view of your HR management, whether in the form of calendars or tables. Also, it allows the integration of many other software, such as Outlook or Google Drive, for even more flexibility.


The promise of KiwiHR? Make life easier for SMEs and start-ups by saving up to 30% of their time in their personnel and HR management.


Personio is an all-in-one HRIS software that aims to help you manage your daily HR tasks as well as the management of your employees.

But Then, How Will You Make the Right Choice?

First, take stock of your business. What are your needs? Which processes would you like to automate and improve? What tasks waste you the most time? Which solutions do you already use to manage your workforce?

The aim is to draw up an initial assessment to identify your shortcomings and things to improve. Of course, the choice of HRIS software will also depend on the size of your structure and the resources at your disposal.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask your teams, and if your company has them, the HR department. They are the ones who will use the HRIS tool most often and will be better able to identify the best tool.

Lastly, if you don't want to waste any more time and opt for a complete tool– you can give a try to NYGGS HRIS Software. And let us show you how this software can improve your Human Capital Management in a free demo session.

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