Six Things I Wish I'd Known before Starting My Dissertation

Six Things I Wish I'd Known before Starting My Dissertation

I still remember the day when I had my completed and revised dissertation copy on my table. Writing 20,000 words was not what I expected it to be. Completing a single dissertation became a nightmare to make my world upside down within 3 years of times span. However, it is the best feeling now that it is completed and already submitted to my supervisors. On the other hand what made my suffering less painful was to see my other fellows having the same condition and dreadful stories as mine.

While submitting my dissertation and observing my juniors going through the same struggle and tensed face. I wished to share some effective tips with them instantly so their dissertation process may become smooth unlike mine. I was unaware of the problems of writing a dissertation however, after completing my journey there were some important six prominent tricks I got to know. I shared them with my juniors right away including:

  • Be careful while choosing your supervisor

A supervisor is one of the basic pillar for creating your dissertation. Consider yourself lucky if he is supporting, answerable and active in responding to your queries. I was lucky for getting the best supervisor in terms of assistance. However, there are supervisors which are absent, harsh and even not qualified to answer your queries at the time you ask. Therefore, if you supervisor has any of these qualities instantly switch to another one.

  • Choosing the topic

While choosing your topic, conduct pre-test and seek reviews from your family, supervisor and friends. If you get enough data that a 15-30,000 words dissertation can be carried out then it’s a green signal to start your research work. However, if you starts to lose your interest in midway then immediately switch to another topic or explore its various aspects.

  • Properly Plan your Dissertation

After getting my proposal approved, I took left my dissertation to create by the end. My biggest mistake was not starting my work at that very moment. Therefore, a student should instantly make time schedule and divide his work in order to complete his research work within deadlines.

  • Keeping Records

The only thing that I managed to do perfectly in between the deadline chaos was to keep my records organized. Before starting the dissertation, it is highly required by a professor to keep the data collection, research material, literature reviews, data analyses secured and organized in folders. It will help them to complete their task easily.

  • Get yourself a Little Technological Help

I was conducting my research with the conventional ways, however my supervisor help me out in learning in technologies to disburden my dissertation data analysis workload. Therefore, student should learn CPSS, SPSS and Excel to make their research work easy.

  • Writing Early Religiously

As mentioned earlier, never rest till the end. Nor think of creating a perfect piece of writing with no mistakes. Get yourself on writing your findings and literature as you start your research work. It will help to build up your dissertation within deadline. Also it provide you with appropriate time to edit and revise your research work to remove grammatical, typography, punctuation errors and sentence formation mistakes.

Nobody can deny the hardships, struggles, sleepless night and endless health deteriorating routines a student have to go through in order to complete a dissertation. Every student secretly wish to get their dissertation written by itself with magic or simply an idea of leaving their program in between. Many student also dropped out their degrees as they could not take months and years of hard work for writing and researching on a single subject. They failed to bear the stress and depression caused by their research work. However, lucky are those who completed and submitted their dissertation as it is the ultimate opportunity towards success path of your professional career. To deal with such stresses student of today’s age may also look for UK Dissertation Help to get their dissertation completed in hassle freeways.

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