Quick Buying Guide: Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has become one of the fastest-rising water sports in the United Kingdom. More and more individuals have been showing enthusiasm to get their own stand up paddle board UK or best inflatable SUP and enjoy the holistic benefits of this outdoor activity.

Solid vs. Inflatable SUP

Solid SUPs are made of materials like wood, fibreglass, and foam. Designed to be stable and durable, this type of paddle board can help boost your performance on the water as far as speed and agility are concerned. As it requires no inflation, you can immediately wade your way through the water using this board.

Inflatable SUPs, on the other hand, consist of layers of PVC plastic and woven fibres. Though it may sound relatively fragile at first, this paddle board becomes extremely rigid once it is inflated. Apart from being more affordable than the solid ones, inflatable paddle boards are also lighter and easier to store.

How to the Buy the Best Inflatable SUP

Here’s a quick rundown of things you need to consider when buying an inflatable SUP.

Length. If you’re only new to the world of SUP, getting a mid-sized board (10 to 11 inches) is the perfect choice for you. If you’re into surfing or you’re paddling on a river, you can rely on the maneuverability offered by shorter SUPs. Longer boards, which are more stable, are fitting if you’re also going on fishing or camping.

Width and Thickness. Looking for a versatile paddle board -- the kind that can give you the perfect mix of agility and stability? Then you must try getting a 32-inch wide board. Its thickness will also be a determining factor on a board’s center of gravity. As a five-inch thick board has a lower center of gravity, it can further add a sense of stability while you paddle.

Outline Shape. If an inflatable stand up paddle board UK has a wide, rounded tail, it can provide you with the best balance that most SUP enthusiasts aim to have. You might feel less stable if you get yourself a narrow-tailed board. This kind of board will not be ideal if you want to take a child or a pet with you.

Fins. The best inflatable SUP for a newbie is one that has permanently attached fins. Nonetheless, if you’re a more adventurous person and you want to be more technical, swapping out fins from one kind to another depending on the location where you’ll paddle -- then, it is recommended for you to buy a board with a configurable fin system.

Paddle. Composed of a handle, a shaft, and a blade, the paddle is the very thing you’ll use to wade through the water.

Handle. There’s a paddle whose handle is already ergonomically designed to fit the palm, and there’s one with the traditional "T bar" grip.

Shaft. If you want to paddle with stiffness, get a paddle made of carbon. If you prefer to paddle softer, then glass fibre-made is for you.

Blade. Getting a paddle with a larger blade will give you more power to propel across the water -- perfect if you’re fond of downwind paddling. If you’re the surfer type, smaller blades are more advisable.
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