PIM for Distribution – Incredibly Relevant in the Information Driven Business World

In today’s content driven world, information is the key that opens all doors for businesses. Manufacturers and their distribution networks use highly accurate product data to get the right goods to reach the right channel partners, retailers and ultimately, customers. Each stakeholder in a business’ product distribution network needs rich, accurate and consistent facts, statistics and features about each specific product offered by the company. While end users will require a detailed analysis of product features, marketing execs and managers will need product performance and analytical data to make critical decisions. This is where Product Information Systems or PIM solutions for distribution come into play.

What is PIM for Distribution?

PIM is a system that is designed to help organizations generate, record and maintain data related to the various products they offer from a central command. This data assists in distributing, marketing and subsequently selling the products through different distribution channels. Organizations that function with a large and complex network for product sales need these solutions so that all information related to all items going to all users is accurate, up-to-date and relevant to the context in which it is being used.

Why is PIM for Distribution Needed?

Modern business processes, that involve a multitude of stakeholders to get a product from the point of its origin to its end-user/customer, require information and relevant data to be used by managers so they can take critical decisions. The precise flow of this data will have a huge impact on the overall efficiency, revenues and brand value of an organization. Implementing a centrally commanded and maintained system for PIM for distribution ensures that the data related to every item on a company’s catalogue is collaborated and synchronized across all systems/departments of an organization. The aim is to achieve the status of ‘a single truth’ related to all aspects of a company’s product line so that data consistency and accuracy prevails. This is why, professionally designed systems to manage this information are an imperative for modern businesses.

Who Uses PIM Systems for Distribution?

Accurate product information is vital for various user groups across the structure of the organization as well as outside it. Everybody from manufacturing departments to marketers, sales teams and transportation managers require this data to take critical operational and strategic decisions. On the other hand, channel partners, wholesalers, retailers, distributors as well as consumers need updated information related to the product they are being offered. A company’s IT, merchandising and accounting departments also need Product Data to manage records and initiate further marketing drives. All these stakeholders use data differently and all of them would work better if only a few facets of product information which are relevant to them are readily accessible in an accurate and updated format. This is where the importance of PIM for distribution comes to light.

Modern PIM systems work by creating a central pool of data related to every aspect of a company’s product line. If your organization runs a complex distribution network to execute and support the sale of its products, PIM for distribution is a must-use tool for your operations.

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