Lose Weight with Surya Namaskar

Lose Weight with Surya Namaskar

Looking for remedies to burn your calories? Scared of lifting weights or timeless of sweating at the gym? Still worried about the methods of weight loss? Push those insane feelings with the powerful Sun Salutation.

Sun Salutation, called Surya Namaskar is a complete flexible body workout for weight loss. Many yoga experts had agreed that the 12 poses in this asana are equalized to performing 288 yoga poses.

Sun Salutation - A need to busy bees to lose weight

Surya Namaskar comprising 12 steps of yoga postures is best for busy people to maintain or lose weight. Doing Sun Salutation at sunrise is good for cardiovascular muscles and has a good impact on chest, stomach, intestine & legs. The poses in Surya Namaskar range from stretching the body to breathing in and out.

It is recommended to practice sun salutation on an empty stomach. The perfect time to perform this asana is early morning and by facing the rising sun. Maintaining an interval of a minimum of 2 hours between eating and performing the asana will align your mind, entire body and soul.

Wishing to reduce a pound each week requires burning 250-500 calories daily. To burn 250 calories, 18 minutes of Surya Namaskar is required, for burning 350 calories, 25 minutes of Sun Salutation is needed and 40 minutes of workout can burn up to 500 calories respectively.

Tips on How to perform Surya Namaskar:

Get on to your clean yoga mat, stand erect before the sunrise, and start with gratefulness to the Sun followed by enjoying the stretches. Relax your mind and body at each and every step of Surya namaskar.

Practicing Surya Namaskar in the early morning is healthy and also makes sure to do it in an empty stomach or even you can give a 2 hour break between breakfast and practicing. Since every round of sun salutation can burn 10 calories, you may have a high chance of burning calories in a 30-minute routine.

Perform each step of asana in a slow manner and at the same time, don't be too slow. Exercising a couple of warm-ups before help you ease with the routine. A normal breathe in and breathe out exercise also can be done.

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