How to improve audio quality of a recording

How to improve audio quality of a recording

Audio quality can make or break a recording. However, not all audio quality is created equal. Most of the audio recorded with a smartphone is very low quality, because of the low budget equipment available. If you record using just the device itself, you can improve audio quality in any capture environment.

If you use speech to text software it is important to have high-quality audio for accurate voice recognition. With a good audio recording, a good automatic transcription begins. Speech recognition software can't perform miracles and understand low quality audio with appropriate level of accuracy. Before using speech to text tools to create an audio transcription, it's important to make sure you take steps to create the best recording possible:

Quiet Environment

The first step is to capture audio in the clearest environment possible. Sturdy microphones and recorders are perfect for this, and typically do not give you an audio quality comparable to a professional environment. A simple microphone will suffice if you're in a bedroom or in the kitchen, where poor audio quality is the norm.

Choosing the right equipment

Getting the best results depends a lot on the material you're using. For example, if you're recording a song for an album, you're going to want to get the best results from as much of it as possible. Audio professionals will normally tell you that as much "sample" sound as possible should be used in a recording, and this provides a good mix of listening benefit and artistic value.

Getting a good pick-up microphone

If you're like most people, you've probably purchased a proper microphone while recording in the past. But unless you're serious about audio recording, you're probably only using your handset or tablet microphone. The boom mic used for live recordings is often the best bet for both high quality audio and decent sound reproduction, and it's an excellent method for hooking up to a remote camera when you're recording something specific.

If you've found an inexpensive microphone that works well for you, then go ahead and use it. However, make sure that you use the type of pick-up that's suited to what you're doing. The closed mic or clip you'll find on the front of a smart phone mic is good for capturing a running conversation, but it's the worst choice for recording high-quality vocals. As long as the mic has clean audio and can pick up your voice, then it can make good use of the audio on the recording.


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