How To Clean Volleyball Knee Pads

How To Clean Volleyball Knee Pads

While volleyball players love their stressful environment, they take an awful battering on their knees and kneepads. If you want your knee pads to last and not smell bad, you must take care of them regularly. Therefore, proper cleaning is necessary to preserve the look of volleyball knee pads when washing them. There are a variety of techniques for cleaning kneepads, but the most successful ones include washing them like regular clothing.

Are Volleyball Knee Pads Washable? 

Volleyball knee pads are washable, so yes, you should. However, most of those inquiring about this refer to cleaning them, so we'll explain that procedure in detail. 

Be careful to add cleanse, keep the water temperature low, and cycle the water at a low pace. 

Because of the need to make knee pads, water temperature is vital. The materials used to make volleyball knee protectors often don't hold up well in the heat. 

Wearing knee pads for an extended period may cause them to shrink, which may be unpleasant and difficult to wear over shoes. 

Another advice we can give you is to spin at a light or moderate pace so that your knee pads stay put. 

For those who have never dealt with knee pads that have fallen out of their case, been twisted into an unwieldy ball, or begun to tear at the seams: 

How fortunate you are. 

Make sure the knee pads aren't slamming into one other by themselves by keeping the spin speed to a mild cycle and attempting to load them with other athletic clothing. 

Lastly, the unpleasant odor emanating from your knee pads is a warning sign of germs hiding inside the fibers. 

This is why you should wash your knee pads every one to two weeks, and all it takes to fight it is a bit of antibacterial detergent or gentle soap.

Are Volleyball Knee Pads Machines Reusable? 

In a general sense, 

Could you not do it? 

It would help if you didn't risk ruining your brand-new knee pads by putting them in the dryer unless necessary. 

Once again, knee protectors and the heat don't get along. And if you're in a hurry to get your knee pads dry before training, toss them in the dryer instead of risking a pair that's more smelly and unpleasant than the other.

Put your knee pads in the dryer with a few other items, such as towels or other clothing, and turn the heat low if you're in a hurry and need them dried off fast.

Ways For Natural Cleaning Volleyball Knee Pads

First Method

  • A way to clean your knee pads that won't use the washing machine. 

  • To begin, fill a basin or pail halfway with ice water.

  • Before washing the knee pads with an all-natural antiseptic soap, soak them in water. 

  • Keep away from bleach and other anti-solvents. In any case, keep your hands by wearing gloves. 

  • One possible solution is to mix the white vinegar with water to help remove any leftover odors or germs that may have settled within the pads. 

  • Additionally, be sure to wash the pads on both sides, carefully getting into any cracks or spaces where dirt might be hiding. 

  • Make sure to allow them plenty of air to dry thoroughly; it's a crucial step in the process.

Second Method

  • Wash your volleyball knee pads in this way. You'll get complete cleaning by including them in your usual sports load. 

  • To wash your knee pads, throw them in a cloth bag or put them in the washing machine. 

  • Do your best to do this while carrying a full or almost complete load of similar things.  

  • Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the washing machine and some gentle detergent to tackle that lingering odor. 

  • Wash your knee pads in a cold, delicate cycle; heat isn't good for them, and the spin cycle won't stir them, so they stay put. 

  • Allow yourself enough time to air-dry your knee pads after each load. Even though it's not a good idea to put them in the dryer until necessary, it's probably not hurt them in the long run.

Final Thoughts

If you use your knee pads often, clean them more than once to remove grime, germs, and smells. If you wear your pads less frequently, you may need to take further care of them. Depending on how often you use them, you should wash them regularly, usually every two weeks. You may remove unpleasant odors from knee pads by letting them air out, and you can clean them regularly with certain sprays. 

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