Divorce Lawyer/Attorney to Take Care of Your Claim Denial

Your end of marriage is naturally an uneasy circumstance. While dealing with it, you need to come across the aspect of insurance, considering that you have a certain financial coverage to face the ordeal strongly. The insurer, on the other hand, would look to not lose the money and thus would not approve your claim. This is where comes the need of assistance of a professional, who in this case is a Divorce Lawyer for insurance claim. Contacting an experienced lawyer is not going to be tough, if you have access to the internet or if you can follow referrals or recommendations. Therefore, it is very much possible that your claim will be approved, no matter what. Now, you may ask why would you have to go through the denial in the first place. The article provides you with the answer.

Why Denial

Following are the points that the insurers tend to show as reasons for the denial of your claim:

  • The insurance policy might not have particulars on the specific loss that you are experiencing.
  • Your damage for the divorce may be lesser than your claim, or may fall below the deductible terms of the policy.
  • The insurer may simply deny the fact that no loss occurred in your life that covers their policy.

These points might seem hard to consume for you when it comes to a logical viewpoint towards the scenario. Yet, you have to suffer the denial, as the insurance company is not eager to help you when in need, but to save money and not pay you. This demands taking legal actions, and hiring a Divorce Lawyer/Attorney will clear your path towards winning the approval.

To sum up – It is essential for you to keep in mind that it is your right to claim the money from the insurance company when you are in great need. It does not matter what excuses or reasons or logics the insurer provides to counter your claim. In case you have hit the wall in this case, contacting an insurance claim lawyer will be sufficient for you to win the approval.

There may be no other experience you will ever have to face that is more difficult than a divorce. At the law firm of Iafrate & Salassa, P.C., our Shelby Township divorce attorneys provide thorough, results-oriented representation to clients throughout the greater Metro Detroit area in all aspects of divorce.

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