Delight Customer with New AI Outsourcing Customer Support Tool

Delight Customer with New AI Outsourcing Customer Support Tool

Every business needs to provide world-class customer service to ensure that it boosts its revenue. The kind of experience customers have with your brand helps determine whether you will grow sales or not. Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses function and how customers are dealt with. The fastest way to promote customer satisfaction is to solve customer problems and respond to their queries quickly and appropriately. Modern customers demand that their issues be resolved as fast as possible. Automating the customer support process helps integrate customer experience and make it agile and convenient. Outsourcing customer support can streamline the process and make customers happy. It is estimated that by 2020, about 85 percent of the entire customer interaction won’t need human presence. New AI outsourcing for customer care and support is going to improve the satisfaction of customers, but how? Here are the ways AI tools for customer support will delight your customers:

Tailor-made Customer Experiences

To retain customers, businesses need to embrace the aspect of personalization. Clients don’t want to pinpoint their direct needs, they expect that businesses instinctively cater to their unspoken demands. Using artificial intelligence tools, a business to conduct predictive analysis by delving into clients’ past. Machine learning helps derive predictive indicators that help meet the demands of customers. Humans are likely to commit errors but robots can achieve perfection within the sphere of client service.

New AI software tools designed for customer support can provide predictive insights for example, they can scan through previous transactions customers made and inform the support staff. The AI tools tap into cart history, page visits, and social sharing to measure client demands allowing a smooth transaction that enhances the satisfaction of customers.

Customer Problems Resolved Quickly

The use of AI tools in 24/7 customer service outsourcing helps companies to go through large volumes of data fast. Essential information regarding customers is garnered quickly and easily including their demographic data or product preferences. Automating the customer care process helps deal with customer problems fast. The new age customer has high expectations from his or her brand. Predicting customer behavior helps managers understand the inhibitors and drivers of customer performance.

A survey conducted by Salesforce found out that a third of customers feel positive about a company that provides a quick first response. On top of that, the study found out that customers prefer a quick response rather than one that is done thoroughly but delayed even when the problem wasn't solved.

Lowering Customer Effort

AI tools made to offer customer support can help reduce customer effort. The tools can design support services that are easy to understand and use, ensuring that customers don’t employ a lot of effort in getting their problems solved by their company. The companies can measure the effort customers are making by using follow up surveys or polls like Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score or Customer Satisfaction Score.

With the biggest demographic group of today's customers being the millennials, these tech-savvy customers demand effortless experiences with businesses. They need quick, slick, and timely experiences whether it is understanding their needs or solving their problems. AI tools used in customer support outsourcing services empower the teams to provide seamless services and make the customer experience easier and efficient.

The customer effort can be reduced by ensuring that they use their preferred method of interaction, for example, email, social media, or route calls. AI allows customers to remain within their favorite interaction methods. It also reduces wait times by offering chatbots, virtual assistance or instantly connecting to clients or customers to a human agent where needed. Besides, artificial intelligence spares clients from having to explain their purchase details, personal information, or other vital data. Since AI tools are designed to work using machine-learning processes, they can learn from the information and data previously gathered from the customer to provide more targeted and effective solutions to a problem or to recommend an appropriate product or service to the customer.

No Personal Biases

AI tools like chatbots aren't sensitive to emotions; they use a neutral and kind tone when engaging and interacting with customers. These tools prove beneficial when dealing with unhappy clients. Customer support bots, unlike human agents, can ensure consistent disposition while not having personal biases likely to be experienced during interactions. The bots won't be agitated by the tone of clients or negative remarks. This is likely to improve the experience of the customers and avoid worsening a situation.


In essence, new AI tools for customer support are seeing an improved interaction with customers. Problems are resolved fast, there are efficiency and accuracy in recommending products, and customers don’t have to keep on complaining. Besides, the customers don't get harsh replies when presenting their problems. The ability to have customer demands understood even before they point them out ensures that there is a seamless and effortless process of addressing issues. Many times, customers hang out their calls when they find that human agents cannot understand what they need. This not only makes the customers furious but also disappointed. The business is also likely to lose on potential sales it could have garnered. AI tools eliminate the friction that is experienced between human agents and customers.

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