Common Decorating Mistakes

Common Decorating Mistakes

Decorating Mistakes are Common issues for most of the home owners. The reason of these decorating mistakes is just because you décor the house without any consult or advice of interior designer or may be because of lack of knowledge. If you buy a sofa without measuring your door clearance, it will trouble you, or if you hang a light too low it will bump your head, or choosing the bad paint for the entire room etc. To avoid such kind of mistakes, it is important to take the help of interior designer or either Decorate the house with trendy designs in an appropriate manner because small modifications to the interior of your house can make such a big difference.

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Common Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

  1. Decorating With Too Many Small Accessories - Decorating your house with too many different fancy accessories looks so messy, and all these small accessories occupied so much space in the house. Better use less accessories which are useful for the house, it will give an amazing look to your house which you always looking for.

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  1. Having Too Much bulky Furniture - Living room is the most use room in our house where you got so much foot traffic so that's why you required so much space in your living room but what Common Mistake we all do is that we put so much unused furniture in the living room and these furniture took so much space in the living room which doesn't look good at all. So it is better put less and simplistic furniture but useful and attractive so that you got lot of space to hang around in your living area.
  2. Too Many Framed Photos And Picture Frames Hang Too High - One of the most Common Mistake people do is that they make their room a museum by hanging too many family frame photos or else what they do they hang photos way up high and level with door frames. Better pick a few of your favorite photos make a collage and then make it in one frame and hang it up to the level.
  3. Too Many Patterns - People have the tendency or phobia to use so many patterns in Curtains, rugs and pillow's. So its better Stick with only one pattern whether that pattern are in print, vintage or any other. Just Buy Reclaimed Brick Slips Online for your feature Wall.

Mistake Of Using Traditional Paint Instead Of Other New Design Brick Slips - People tend to use same old traditional paint in their house which is one the most Common Mistake they do. Instead of traditional paint which makes your house look old install Brick Slips which is one of the trendiest designs and which makes your house look modern and classy and also it is so comfortable in installing. Brick Slips Walls are way long lasting than traditional paint and also Brick Slips comes in every color and pattern. You can Buy Brick Slips Online on internet.

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