7 Big Mistakes People Make When Arranging Furniture

Both people who have experience moving in and out before and those who have not tend to take proper furniture arrangement for granted. The most common thinking is to set everything up as soon as possible and take a break. As long as there’s space to move around, it’s fine, right?
That is a common misconception that leads to a lot of furniture arranging faux pas. Here are these common mistakes and what you should do instead:
Mistake #1: Clutter In The Entryway
People tend to put bag and jacket hooks, umbrella stands, and other clutter right beside the entryway because it only makes sense to have them hanging where it’s most convenient. Doing this makes the living room feel unwelcoming and cramped. If possible, have a dedicated closet to store all of your essentials instead.
Mistake #2: Not Planning And Measuring
It is a rush to just choose furniture from the branded furniture store and bring them home. This is a mistake that will cost time, money, and effort. Before going to the store, measure the space you have to ensure you buy pieces that will fit in the space perfectly.
Mistake #3: Mixing And Matching Everything
While it can be fun to create a unique and colorful living room area, that doesn’t necessarily produce the best results. Even if you have a wild and free spirit, always try to create a space that is accommodating instead of visually confusing.
Mistake #4: Forgetting The 3-Feet Rule
This is all too common in small spaces. Make sure to always put at least 3 feet between pieces from the branded furniture store to ensure you can walk around the living room without feeling trapped. No one wants to be on their tiptoes while walking from one area to another.
Mistake #5: Sticking To The Wall
Many people make the mistake of pushing their sofa and other pieces to the wall to create "space". While this might work in tight spaces, this can look awkward and uninviting if there is more than enough room. Try to give the couch or sofa at least 12 inches of space from the wall to give the entire living room a better feel.
Mistake #6: Not Minding The Rugs
Rugs add a lot to style and texture to a room, but they can also cause furniture to wobble and rock awkwardly. To ensure that guests don't wobble while they're seated, either put the furniture all the way in or out of the rug, not halfway in and out.
Mistake #7: Forgetting About Foot Traffic
Always create a sensible and natural path for people to walk through from room to room. Placing furniture that disrupts the natural flow can lead to accidents and several instances of stubbed toes, no one wants that.
Prioritize Flow And Space
Create a space that is welcoming to you and your guests by arranging the furniture properly. Keep a good and sensible flow in every room inside the house to prevent it from feeling stuffy and cramped.
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