5 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Private Kindergarten

Attending kindergarten school is a major step in every child’s life. After all, it is their first window that opens them up to the real world. This is where they learn to play, communicate and begin to appreciate the beauty of life. Quite naturally, parents invest a lot of time and effort to determine what might suit their kid the best - a public kindergarten or a private kindergarten? It is an age-old question that needs to be addressed effectively. We’ll try to breakdown 5 good reasons why you should consider enrolling your child to the latter. Here they are:

1 - Your Child Will Receive More Attention
Class size has a hidden influence on how your kid fares at kindergarten school. Not all kids manage to carry out tasks assigned to them on their own. Some of them are bound to feel lost or even scared, especially when there a lot of people around. This is an area where private and independent kindergartens shine in comparison to public kindergartens. The class strength in private establishments usually ranges around a healthy 15 to 20 kids per class. Such a setup not only guarantees every child more care and attention but also motivates them to interact and have conversations with their teachers.

2 - Private Kindergartens Invest More on Resources and Technology
Who wouldn’t want their kids to enjoy state-of-the-art classroom facilities? It is a well-acknowledged fact that private kindergartens invest way more money and time acquiring new technology and resources than their public counterparts. Why? Because private institutes are not funded by the government and hence don’t have to follow policies or orders from above. A private institute can invest money in whatever it deems fit. For decades now, private kindergartens have been beating public kindergartens in terms of infrastructure, resources, and technology.

3 - Unmatched Scheduling Flexibility
In the current capitalist jungle that we live in, parents who work full-time jobs never really get to spend much family time with their kids. A private kindergarten offers them the flexibility to choose what days of the week they would like their kids to attend class. In some cases, parents can also choose between morning sessions and noon sessions. A quality upbringing involves the contribution of both the kindergarten and the parents in equal proportions. Flexible schedules exist in order to achieve just that. These kind of options are basically non-existent among public, government funded institutes. A fixed schedule is always followed, meaning that parents who opt for public kindergartens hardly get to spend quality time with their kids.

4 - Diverse Student Population
Living in a world where globalisation is on the rise means that all kids need to be adequately exposed to peers from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds - from early on! While it is true that public kindergartens do boast of a diverse student population, there is no effort put in by the staff to birth such an environment. Public kindergartens and schools are diverse by chance. On the contrary, private kindergartens take special care to hunt for prospective admissions that will diversify their existing student base.

5 - Character Education Driven Curriculum
The curriculum adopted by private institutes are distinct in content, style, and approach. There is a larger emphasis placed on character-based education. Values, honesty, and integrity are the key focus, not random fact feeding. Did you know that most private kindergarten schools also have curriculum revision systems in place? That means that these schools update, revise and verify the effectiveness of their programs and faculty every year. When a school management puts in efforts like these to make sure that your child grows up a rounded individual, you can truly have peace of mind knowing that you have made the right choice.

While it is true that you may have to shell out more money in a privately owned kindergarten, the quality of care and education offered is unmatched. Right from the infrastructure, quality of the staff to the little things such as more individual attention - private institutions seem to have struck the right chord in all departments. In the end, parents really have to weigh in what matters most to them - their kids or money. Our advice is simple and honest. If you are looking for a great place for your kid to learn and grow, nothing beats a private kindergarten.

Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.

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