5 Important Features To Know About Biking Glasses

5 Important Features To Know About Biking Glasses

It’s no secret that biking requires a fair amount of protection, even more so for your eyes. There’s nothing like the thrill of high-speed cycling but ample eye protection cannot be ignored. Hence, an eye accessory that offers you a multitude of features is the ideal solution here. This becomes more important in the case of those who require some sort of vision correction in their glasses. Choosing prescription safety glasses can be a bit challenging. However, once you’re equipped with the knowledge of its features, you’ll be able to choose the perfect protective eyewear that fits your needs.

  1. Durable Frames That Offer Fool-Proof Protection

To be able to absorb high-stress force caused by accidents, your eyewear needs to offer a certain level of safety assurance. You should make sure that you’re getting ANSI safety glasses that ensure shatterproof protection. There are top-drawer brands such as 3M, WileyX & Hilco among many others that offer ANSI Z87.1 rated eyewear. Mountain bikers need to wear eyeglasses that don’t wear out even in the toughest of environments.

  1. Tinted Lenses Enhance Visual Clarity

Whenever you step outside, glare caused by the sun can literally leave you blinded for a moment. Furthermore, if you’re exposing bare eyes directly to sunlight on the regular, there’s a high possibility that you might develop eye conditions such as cataracts & macular degeneration. In order to prevent this, you can choose from a variety of lens colors that help reduce glare & block out the Ultra Violet rays that cause eye damage.

Moreover, you can give polarized lenses a try by choosing Wiley x prescription safety glasses. They offer the best of both worlds, visual appeal & functionality. They provide a superior optical experience, enhancing color contrast & definition.

  1. The Option To Add RX Lenses

If you’re someone who requires some sort of vision correction in your eyewear, you need to ensure that your eyewear allows this. Top-drawer brands such as 3m prescription safety glasses let you glaze RX lenses for visual acuity. Precision is imperative for a seamless experience throughout your journey.

  1. Comfort

Wraparound shape is ideal for letting your eyewear stay on your face even when there is a lot of head movement involved. The very shape helps achieve a snug fit. WileyX offers most of its sports sunglasses in a wraparound style that offers a greater depth of view & offers lateral protection.

  1. Lens Coating

To prevent the problems caused by clouded lenses, you need to have some sort of a solution layered on the lens surface. For things to be seen clearly, an anti-fog solution would be a great help. You don’t want to constantly take off your eyewear to wipe away the fog.

Another useful lens coating is the anti-scratch solution which lets them stay scratch-free & last longer. On the whole, every feature has it’s own significance and their selection entirely depends on your set of requirements & the environmental conditions.

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