5 Best Wedding Gift Recommendations

The struggle of finding the best wedding gift can be overwhelming. Wedding gifts may include items that the couple can use for the ceremony, reception, honeymoon, or their new household. A wedding gift should be chosen with care keeping in mind the couple’s tastes and to whether it will be useful and memorable for them. Thoughtful wedding gifts are the ones that are remembered. Here are 5 wedding gift recommendations to help you decide on what gift to give to the couple that are dear to your heart.

  1. Personalized Items. You can easily pick a set of silverware, an appliance, or a picture frame and although they are useful, they do not have a special touch which the couple will treasure. Surprise the couple with a picture frame with their engraved names and wedding date, or a pillow with their happy picture, or if you know how to paint create their portrait. You can never go wrong with personalized items as it will always remind the couple of their special day and you.
  2. Cookbook. This handy item is usually left out when it comes to popular wedding gifts but it is actually a very useful gift for a couple. Most newlyweds haven’t developed their cooking skills; guidance from a cookbook is helpful for them when learning new recipes. Cooking can also be a great bonding experience for both of them.
  3. An Expensive Item on Their Wedding Registry. Take advantage of the couple’s gift registry to know what they would like to have. This is helpful as most, if not all, of the items are what they need or want the most. You can expect that the most expensive item in the registry is their dream gift. Why not make their dream come true on their most special day? If you are not wealthy enough to buy an expensive gift, you can ask other guests to chip in to purchase that special item for the couple. Isn’t it exciting thinking of the couple’s reaction when they open their dream gift?
  4. Make their Honeymoon Extra Sweet. If you know about the couple’s honeymoon plans, surprise them with an add-on or upgrade at their honeymoon destination. You can upgrade their airplane tickets or room accommodation, book a special day trip in a popular local attraction, or if you happen to know the place and been there before give them a gift certificate for the best restaurant in the place.
  5. Cash. This is practical yet a thoughtful gift. It may not be as creative as others, but it allows the newlyweds to buy the gifts that they didn’t received from other guests. Also, wedding preparations are expensive and for sure it consumes a lot of the couple’s savings. Money is helpful for them as they start a new life together.

These 5 wedding gift recommendations are all useful and will surely make the couple happy as they know the gift comes with your happy wishes for them. But remember, more than any gift it is your presence is the most important. Isabella Whitmore is happily married with her loving husband and is a mother of two. She enjoys writing about life, family, and home improvement. She writes for https://electrickettlesplus.com/ an appliance website with wide selection of electric kettles.

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