Why You should Buy Fibre Channel Adapters from Aventis Systems

There are some hardware devices that are used to bring connectivity between computer data storages and servers and, fibre channel adapter is one of them. In general, fibre channel adapters are widely used in storage area networks (SAN). Since these devices operate like a single switch in unison, these devices are often called fabric. In terms of structure, FC adapters can have multiple ports depending upon the usage requirement.

Similarly, there are FC host bus adapters that are used for providing physical connectivity between server and storage or between network and storage. In addition to these applications, fibre channel adapters are used also for bringing the connectivity and processing between a servers and a host system. HBAs are used by IT professionals to boost the performance time of a server. An HBA device along with its disc subsystem is usually known as a disc channel.

Aventis Systems is a Georgia based IT company that specializes at offering an extensive array of fibre channel adapters from Dell and HP in different price ranges. So, if you are about to purchase a device for your technology setup, then you can check through the collection of fibre channel adapters offered by the company. You can buy HP and Dell FC adapters in various models from the company.

In HP adapter range, you can get popular ProLiant models from DL 120 G5 and G9, DL 160 G5, G6, G8 and G9, DL 165 G5, G6 and G7, DL180 G5, G6, G9 and DL 180 G5 to DL 350 G5 and G6, DL 580 G5, G7, G8 and G9, and DL 980 G7. Other than these comprehensive model ranges, the company also provides Dell PowerEdge models including 1900, 1900 II, 1950, 2900, 2950, R310, R320, R410, R415, R430, T610, T710 and more.

With the above mentioned list of available models, you can depict the broad array of high quality fibre channel bus host adapters provided by the company. Moreover, the company specializes at providing both new and reconditioned fibre channel HBAs. This way, if you have a limited budget for buying an FC adapter, then you can choose one which is refurbished and is in perfect condition.

Other than offering this vast range, the company also allows buyers to customize their hardware device before purchasing it. If you are purchasing the device online, then you can assess the specifications of different devices. They offer adapters with varying number of ports and memories that differentiate their functioning and performance.

Besides premium quality new and reconditioned fibre channel bus host adapters, Aventis Systems also sells other hardware components like networks interface cards, power supplies, optical drives, video graphic cards and RAID controllers. Apart from this, you can also purchase hard drives, processors, memory kits, server remote access, and heat-sinks and fans from the company.

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