Why Quality Management System ISO 9001 Makes Business Sense

We all strive to do our best in life, right? And the last thing any business wants is to disappoint a customer. But the truth of the matter is this; businesses are run by humans, and humans make mistakes. It's just unavoidable.

But there are ways of minimising both the mistakes themselves, and their impact, by putting appropriate management systems in place.

Today's organisations have many obligations to meet, such as protecting the environment and providing a safe workplace for their employees. But they also have an obligation to sell products that are well made and fit for purpose. In other words, they must have a commitment to quality.

Reduce Costs, Boost Business

Implementing a quality assurance management system will ensure that commitment is met, whilst also improving the organisation's standing in the marketplace, and reducing costs.

Customers have plenty of choice these days and be assured, they will vote with their feet! If you disappoint them, they will shop elsewhere. Suddenly your share of the pie is smaller and you're not making target.

There's no doubt that poor quality products cost you money is all sorts of ways. As well as losing customers, you will also experience a high number of returns and replacements, which will push up your overheads.

Proactive Approach To Business

That is the difference between quality control and quality assurance. The latter is a proactive way of ensuring fewer mistakes are made.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 was developed to help organisations reach their goals, improve performance and ensure customer satisfaction. And the key point about it is that it is always evolving. Through the practice of internal auditing, production methods can be continually monitored, assessed and improved.

Quality Management System ISO 9001 will also help ensure compliance, with every part of the system assessed and documented. In addition, winning the right to use the ISO 9001 compliance mark on your product will lead to an improved reputation and more customers.

Improve Motivation And Reputation

And it's not just your customers who will be happier. A Quality Management System has been proven to lift staff morale. Employees need clear goals and guidelines, leadership, motivation and the knowledge that they are performing well. A QMS delivers this.

Not only that, but with ISO 9001 certification, an organisation is more likely to win major tenders or partner with major companies. With quality such a key issue these days, most large organisations insist on compliance.

A word of advice though. Resist the temptation to purchase one-size-fits-all quality management systems online. Logic suggests that this just won't work. Far better to work with professionals, who will tailor-make a system for your particular organisation. In the long run, this is cheaper and definitely more efficient.

Tailor Made System

This is a process that takes some time, as it starts with detailed discussions about your business, your customer base, your goals, your current systems and your employees. This information is then transformed into a personalised quality assurance management plan.

Implementation and training is next, with a view to gaining certification, along with the right to display the ISO 9001 stamp on your product.

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