Why Hiring A Pet Sitter Is Better Than Just Leaving Your Pet With A Friend

As much as it pains many of us to leave our fluffy family member when we need to go out of town, sometimes we don’t have a choice. It’s not like we can bring them to every work trip or holiday. During these times, most pet owners turn to their friends and neighbours to look after their pets because it is cheaper than pet sitting Essex services provide.

Entrusting the care of your beloved pet to a good friend doesn’t sound like a big deal, but there are some downsides, which is why turning to pet sitting Hertfordshire companies is a better idea. Here are the top reasons why the professionals are better for the job:

Reason 1: They Are Dedicated And Loving

A neighbour or a friend who is tasked with pet sitting is usually doing it just to be nice, not because they really want to spend time with your pets. Most people see pet sitting as a simple task they can accomplish in just a few minutes. They visit three times a day or less, put food and water out for the pets, and be on their merry way.

As any loving pet owner knows this type of pet sitting isn’t reliable. Friends don’t see your pets a priority and might even forget their duties. A pet sitting Essex professional, on the other hand, will take extra time to treat your pets with love and care. Your pets will get their playtime, have their daily walks, and be cared for like you were home. It is a service that is worth every penny.

Reason 2: Unexpected Problems

Sometimes a good friend will commit to pet sitting and suddenly back out because of a problem or they felt uneasy with your pets. Seeing as this was a favour, you cannot get mad at them for suddenly changing their minds and you are forced to cut your trip short. This will never happen when you hire a pet sitting Hertfordshire company.

In cases where the original sitter can’t make it, there will always be someone else to take their place, so you don’t have to rush home.

Reason #3: Dealing With Emergencies

Sometimes no matter how good and caring your friend is when they are pet sitting, accidents can happen. Whether it is an injury due to rough play, or the pets are having some type of allergic reaction, your friend will probably be too panicked to know what to do. It isn’t their fault in any way, but they or your pet can be seriously injured or traumatised after the event.

A certified pet sitter has the training and knowledge needed to handle any emergency situations so you don’t have to stress about your pets while you are on holiday. Also, trusted pet sitting companies will ask for a list of allergens they need to know about so that they can be careful, this is not a step many free pet sitting friends will take.

Go the extra step and hire a professional to look after your pets while you are out of town. It may cost more than entrusting a friend, but the security and safety of your beloved pets are worth it.
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