Which Indian Movie Collected The Highest Gross in 2018?

In 2018 many movies released in the Indian film industry. Considering all industries in India you will be surprised to know which movie collected the highest amount at the Box Office.

Any guesses?

2.0 is the movie which earned the highest at the box office in 2018.

  • It is because of its multi-language releases and the star-studded cast like Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.
  • Both the actors helped to impact the movie collections in many ways.
  • Rajinikanth is very popular all over India and Akshay Kumar is a very popular Bollywood actor which is also famous in some parts of the South.

The VFX used in the movie played a very significant role in the performance at the box office. Did you know, that the movie is fully captured in high-quality VFX and the budget of the movie was around 500 Crores?

There are some unusual facts about the movie and one of them is that the makeup artist was paid in crores for this movie and it took around 2-3 hours to finish it. The movie collected around 800 Crores and was a super hit.

In 2017 Bahubali 2 was released which became one of the biggest movies in the Indian cinema. The movie collected an amount which is above 1000 Crores which is a big success for an Indian movie. Bahubali 2 collected 10 times the money they invested in the budget. You will find many movies which enter the 100 Cr mark but it is an incredible achievement to collect 1000 Cr and should be appreciated.

2.0 is also one of the biggest movies in the Indian cinema and because of its release in multi-languages, the movie had the advantage to collect a good amount.

The movie promotions were also done very efficiently and they spent well to attract the viewers.

Thus it is the biggest Tamil hit of 2018. 2.0 is a great movie to watch on a sunday with family and friends.

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