What to Look for When Hiring a Demand Generation Manager

What to Look for When Hiring a Demand Generation Manager

The way Demand Generation functions have changed drastically. Traditionally you would hand over leads to sales which you gathered through gated content, trade shows, and a few other tactics. It becomes the responsibility of a Manager to open the channels of engagement for their customers. Have you found it difficult to find the right person with all the necessary skills? No worries we have got you this article which will help you see what to look for when hiring a Manager.

Nowadays the marketing experiences are becoming automated with which it' easy to gauge what new strategies to come up with based on the behavior of the prospects. Though marketing automation software is all capable of doing these things for you, they cannot take the decisions for you and thus you need a knowledgeable Manager for your organization.

This is what includes in the life of a Demand Generation Manager as he drives the marketing strategies, processes, and systems -

• Needs to have technical knowledge and experience

• Needs to know about the buyer's journey

• Need to have the right data to reach goals

• Need to know what metrics are important for the revenue goals for the current financial year.

He needs to know a range of digital tactics beyond well-known marketing methods like lead generation, ABM, PPC advertising, and more like these. Whether it is keeping track of recently launched campaigns or preparing for day's meeting, there is a lot in the to-do list. They have to create a social retargeting campaign for recently published eBook.

In Demand Generation, he needs to manage marketing automation projects and use this data to know what tactics to use to drive engagement. He is responsible for improving efficiency, scalability of your marketing strategies. A manager is the one who will make, oversee and execute lead generation programs in the organization with inside sales for better scalability. You need to measure and analyze campaign performance and provide reports on it.

Demand generation is used for customer acquisition and early funnel marketing without which your business can go nowhere. Demand generation is used to reach a new market and for beginning and nurturing long-term relationships with customers.

Demand generation marketer needs to know if their demand generation strategy is working well. He needs to deploy Google Analytics to track results from paid and organic search, social media and email marketing. He needs to know what problems they face as a company. I am listing below a few of them for which the Demand Generation manager needs to have a strategic plan.

He needs to figure out your business goals and make plans to align your goals with the purpose and objectives of your business. Once the plans are in action, you can create, test, and monitor your campaigns. Once the results are out he can use this data to optimize your performance in your next experiment.

The Manager needs to take care of the following things.

• He has to segment all the prospects and decide what strategies to use reach them.

• Creating content marketing campaigns will help in reaching out. This says that a demand generation marketer needs to have knowledge of content marketing as well.

• He has to work in collaboration with the teams to make sure his lead generation goals are achieved.

• He has to manage databases and ensure their quality.

• After everything, he has to evaluate the performance of all of his demand generation campaigns.

You should know a Demand Generation Manager is no one but a positive, hard working person with an analytical mindset. He is the one who will lead all the email marketing efforts and develops effective marketing automation program. He has to manage all the campaigns effectiveness, drive more brand awareness, and optimize the conversion rates. He has to partner with the sales and SDR teams to build programs to get MQLs through the funnel. He is the one who has to manage the company's budget, expectations, relationships, etc. He has to identify the target audience and their interests and accordingly design marketing campaigns.

Like mentioned at the beginning having knowledge of technology tools is important as any marketing strategy cannot perform well without technology tools. You need to know about brands online presence, especially know details about your website visitors as it's the face of your brand. Your website is your primary channel.

Finding the right manager is difficult. However, you don't have to worry about this. Using the above-mentioned points you will understand what makes a Demand Generation Manager. If you need any help with regards to demand generation, you can feel free to read our blog or subscribe to our Email Newsletter.

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