Veneers: Inspired By Nature, Crafted by Man

Veneers: Inspired By Nature, Crafted by Man

Interior decor has been an important part of every home as people consider it as a unique statement. From wall hangings, to artefacts, consumers are often willing to go the extra mile to get the best art pieces for their dream home. Modern interior decor has incorporated a lot of metal sculptures, but wood craft has always had a special place in our hearts. Wooden sculptures resonate with an elegant appeal and a class of their own, which is unparalleled.

Taking cue from this never-ending love for wood decor, leading plywood brands gave the consumers a reason to rejoice when they introduced veneers in India. Thin layers of wood were spliced right from the log, which gave these sheets an attractive wood like design, and varnish gave them an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Over the years, veneer brands in India have evolved the designs and patterns, and are now offering a blend of urban and modern textures in their veneers.

With their urban touch, decorative veneers gained popularity among the consumers. So much so that we can now spot these veneer sheets in households, office spaces, reception areas and lobbies. Not only do these sheets offer a luxurious ambience to the space, but also provide the structures with desired strength and durability.

Here, take a look at the best veneers that can work their charm for you:

1. Put on a bold statement with dark gradient
Dark gradient veneer sheets can truly improve the ambience of any space with their elegance and appeal. Available in different shades of dark colours, these veneer sheets can add a hue of their own to your furniture.

2. The unforgettable class of woody pattern
It is true that wood can never go out of style and veneer sheet manufacturers have imbibed this fact in their offerings. Woody patterns are a great addition to your flooring and can beautify your spaces like never before.

3. Add funk with modern textures
If you want to get creative with veneer sheets, you can put modern textures to full use. Veneers with modern textures often use abstract designs and patterns that can be used on a wall in the living room or even your bedroom to make it one of its kind.

Veneers have found their use in almost every space one can imagine. From the face of furniture to the beautifying the walls , veneer brands in India offer the best designs to suit every requirement. Leading players like CenturyVeneers are offering various designs that can not only complement your interiors, but can also take your dream home from drag to fab in no time.

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