Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis with Stem Cells

A problem with the liver is the fifth leading cause of death in a developed world. Although, human liver has a power of regeneration; with the severe damage to the liver, its ability to regenerate is lost. This loss of liver can invite various life threatening complications.

The liver is the important organ of our body with multifunctional attributes such as digestion, sugar control, fat and cholesterol transport along with the toxic waste removal. It is also important for metabolizing various drugs into active ingredients. Thus, it is very hard for the body to cope up with the functional damage to liver. Various causes of liver damage can be; viral attack such as Hepatitis, alcoholic liver diseases such as fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, etc., primary liver cancers, primary Cholangitis as well as other autoimmune conditions.

It is very important to note that liver failure can be non-reversible, life threatening issue and conventionally liver transplant was the only available option to survive. However, the treatment was coupled with many other complications such as finding a right donor within available time frame, infections and rejections by the body, etc. Thus, there has always been a need for an alternative non surgical method that can be effective in restoring lost liver function. Recently, science of regenerative medicine has gained tremendous popularity in finding effective solutions for many life threatening complications such as liver damage.

Stem cells are the young, master mind of body responsible for managing lost or damaged tissue specific cells. These stem cells are trusted due to their ability to differentiate into variety of different cells upon signal activation. Human body has a reserved quota of these mighty cells in each and every organ, which maintain the number of tissue specific cells intact by taking care of daily wear and tear of the body. However, in a diseased condition, loss of cells is much more than their production, with the help of resident stem cells and hence an external supply of stem cells is necessary to empower the effect.

Likewise, human liver has a fixed quota of liver stem cells; which are managing the stock of hepatocytes. In case of many liver conditions such as liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cancer, etc. the capacity of liver stem cells can be increased by redirecting underutilized stem cells from other strong sources of the body such as bone marrow and/ or adipose tissue. These stem cells can be withdrawn outside the human body, processed in the laboratory and can be infused back in the liver to obtain effective functional restoration. Once infused back in the body, these stem cells can be differentiated into lost hepatocytes along with many specified functions such as reduction in the inflammation, production of growth factors, tissue reconstructions, etc.

Variety of clinical studies has proved this concept of regeneration with the help of stem cells. On the contrary, autologous adipose cells have been used with many advantages such as rejection free treatment without any side effects, etc.

Thus, with stem cells treatment liver problems can be solved with proven results and with minimum complications.

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