Top web design trends to follow in 2021

Top web design trends to follow in 2021

When it comes to web designs, you should always be careful about the elements you want to incorporate into your planned website. People usually choose the dynamic features to change them or upgrade them when the technology further develops. Most of the Salt Lake City website design agencies ensure that the website elements are chosen based on the purpose of the pages and the rising trends. This is why we have put forth a few website designing trends that have become popular in 2020 and will continue to be on the top in 2021 also.

·         Monochrome contrast

The first web design concept which has been trending for a long time is the monochrome designs. The monochrome color shades are basically used to create a simple web page and add other elements of any choice. However, there has been a change in the usage of these chrome shades recently. Now, monochrome backgrounds are chosen in a way where one will be able to create illustrated contrasts between the background and other elements to be displayed on the webpage.  

·         Negative spacing

The 2020 websites have seen the implementation of negative spaces on the pages. It means that ninety percent of the webpage elements, like buttons, images, headers, contents, and others, are concentrated on the side of the square grid. The rest of the space is either kept blank or barely filled with other elements.    

·         Bold font designs

Be it for the headers or for writing an important text on some background element, using the bold fonts will help you attract the audience’s attention towards the element perfectly. There are two ways in which the fonts can be used. You can either keep the fonts in a single monochrome color to make them more pronounced or dill them with picture shades to design a more casual look.  

·         Soothing color shades

If you are not using the monochrome shades but a color transition technique, choose those shades that appear soothing for the eyes. This will add a tranquil appeal to your website and focus on drawing the audience’s attraction in a good way.  


With these trends now known, you can now decide what should be the look of your website. For a better concept, you can also hire an agency for web design in Salt Lake City, like the Sites by Sara agency

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