Top Three Reasons to Opt for Custom CablesFhard

Custom cables are catering a good number of industries these days. They are specifically designed to solve the problems of electrical, mechanical, chemical and industrial engineering disciplines. The top manufacturers offer bespoke engineered products designed as per the application as well as the environmental information of the customers. Now, why do you think that the custom cables are the most demanding applications?

Let’s check out the top three points in this regard :

1.  Available in a variety of designs - Different types of custom cable designs are available to serve an industrial need. You can get high performance cable designs for various industrial applications including Chemical Resistant Cords, Composite Cords, Custom Data Communications Cords, Thermocouple Cords, High Temperature Cords, High Tension Reeling Cords, Aramid Reinforced Cords, Low Temperature Cords, Water Resistant Cords and lots more.  Besides, the manufacturers are often ready to work in designing and developing cords as per your application need. Look through the brochures of the companies offering custom cable solutions to get the most befitting industrial connection systems.

2.  Problem solvers for environmental impact - Custom cords are also a great problem solver for environmental impact. Today, the wire and cables play a significant role in your facility’s electrical system. Quality cord and cable applications required by the equipment often have to withstand the industrial environment with different conditions like Crushing & Abrasion, Impact & Vibration, Pulling & Flexing, Sunlight, Extreme Hot & Cold, Oils, Chemicals & Water. A proficient cord assembly manufacturer can provide you durable cords matching your specific requirement.

3.  Customized cable production process - Most of the manufacturers follow customized cord production process. They extrude cord and cable assemblies to meet your exact specifications and requirements, matching the highest quality. Cords are built with quality in every step. Choose a manufacturer who designs and creates customized solutions for a range of industries like medical, industrial controls, military, telecommunications and many others. Different types of materials are used for cord production such as basic polymers, engineered plastics, PVC and PTFE.

Moreover, insert moldings and overmoldings are used for a variety of products. Insert molding helps to improve the functionality, durability and appearance of a product by covering areas of cable assemblies with plastics like PVC, PP, TPEE and TPR. Furthermore, custom overmoldings are often designed for connectors, strain reliefs, grommets, Y junctions and several other applications.

You can avail the advantage of the customized cord production process as per your need. Whether you want an overmold to safeguard hermetic sealing, silicone overmold for medical device or circuit board within an ultrasonic welded housing, the manufacturers can offer a complete process for building custom cable assembly.

So, why are you waiting for? Appoint one of the best custom cable manufacturing companies and get the perfect solution for your cable requirement. Check the testing and verification process as well as the technology used for production and get functional testers for advanced applications. If you find the coil cords, cable assemblies and overmolded products to be 100% tested for integrity, polarity, continuity and functionality you can be sure of availing quality products.



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