Tips To Find The Best Third Party iPhone And iPad Repair Company

Accidents can happen anytime, when it comes to a phone and tablet screens. You need to be in touch with the popular mobile phone repair stores. The screen can get damaged when its least expected. This is the reason why you should look for help straightaway. An iPhone or iPad is not only expensive but also very complicated, so it should be repaired from the best Apple iPad repair store.

Out of warranty replacements through Apple can be expensive. There are several third party iphone or ipad repair companies from where you can try repairing your ipad a lower cost than the Apple store. But the only thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure that you go for the best company. A company with experienced and skilled staffs will help you in saving money on frequent repairs. Here are some tips listed below that should be kept in mind while choosing a third party iphone or ipad repair company.

Researching Online

Finding a standard knowledge about an iphone or ipad repair company online is important. It is the first thing that needs to be done.

  • Check for the company's official page on Twitter or Facebook. Look for the reviews of the other people about that company.
  • Search them on Google Businesses or Yelp!
  • Look for a contact number and physical address on their website.

If you are not able to find the above mentioned things, then you should definitely look for another option. Any trustworthy repair company should show an online presence, where they would gladly accept the feedbacks and complaints in a public forum.

Quality of The Parts

You should definitely ask the third party Repair Company about the quality of the parts and from where they are getting it. They may offer you the parts of the iphone or ipad at a price lower than that offered by the Apple store, but you should never compromise on the quality of the parts. Any creditable repair company will be concerned about providing best quality parts rather than giving low quality duplicate parts. Ask the repair company to give the links of their suppliers' sites. If they don't do so, then you should move on from there.


Question regarding warranty should be an obvious question while purchasing parts or repairing the iphone or ipad from the repair company. You should clearly ask the time period and the services covered under the warranty. A reputed repair company will always specify the time period which extends up to 3 months or longer. They also warranty the workmanship. They will also make sure that another issue doesn't arise from an error on their part.

Time Required For Repairing

For many of us it is the biggest concern that how much time it would take the repair company to repair the iPhone or iPad. Any reputed company would be confident in answering this question of yours. The time taken for repairing varies from company to company. Most companies repairs the iPhone within an hour if it is not a major problem. Like smashed screen repairs can be done within an hour. And if they ask you to come after few days to collect your repaired iPhone, then you should definitely walk out from there.

There are lots of third party iPhone and iPad repair companies, but to choose the most reputable one and the one who does quality work is important. This is because you will definitely want your iPhones or iPads in safe hands.

The author is currently working in a third party mobile phone repair company. He likes sharing tips and techniques on Apple ipad repair and iphone repair.

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