Things You Need To Know About Corporate Travel Management Companies

Things You Need To Know About Corporate Travel Management Companies

The job of business travel management agencies is to provide a hassle-free travel experience to the employees of any business. However, there are a few aspects a business should definitely keep in mind and look for before going ahead with any such agency. Read on to find out.

For those of you into the corporate world, corporate travel management companies happen to be a true blessing. Business travels are often spontaneous and tentative which puts immense pressure in terms of bookings, cancellations, refunds, hotel accommodation and so on. These are the factors which often contribute to financial distress as well.

This is when such agencies come into the picture and make the entire process much easier and convenient. They take over right from the bookings and strive to offer you a congenial experience all through. There are three main elements that these agencies workon:

  • Take charge of the bookings for corporate employees
  • Provide constant assistance in cases of cancellations or rescheduling
  • Negotiatecharges

So, what are the aspects you should be looking for in business travel management agencies? Read on to find out

  • 24/7 Trip Support - No matter how well your trip has been organized, you have to have a customer support help available at all times. If your flight happens to be delayed or worse gets cancelled while you still need to be on time for your meeting or event, you cannot really afford to not have someone to assist you right away and come out with an alternative. These agencies should be able to provide support prior, during and even after your trip is over.
  • Stress-free Booking Formalities - Regardless of where in the world you are travelling to, there are a plethora of documentation you need to get sorted with. In cases of international trips, the agencies must clinch if the passports of the travelling employees are valid and updated, if they possess the applicable visa of that particular country well in advance to avoid any complication before departure. Especially in cases of international trips, it is always recommended to get sorted with all the required documents before the bookings.
  • Excellent Accommodation Arrangement - The quality of accommodation is something nobody can compromise with even if it is a business trip. And a business trip means long hours of meetings, conferences and other hectic events. A comfortable and hygienic accommodation equipped with some basic amenities is all what are needed at the end of the day. Hence, accommodation is one crucial business to deal with as it is extremely difficult to get a room booked at a very short notice and this is where the business travel solutions come to your rescue.
  • Extensive Services - You should definitely look for an agency that strives to provide extensive services apart from the routine flight, train, car and hotel bookings. Such services include arranging passport and visa in special cases, risk assessments, travel insurance, chauffeurs and come up with different entertaining activities for the employees to enjoy during spare hours such as shows, sports events, concerts, etc.
  • Trip Management Tools - An agency should have tools and apps for the business to manage their own bookings as well. These apps help the businesses in staying updated about their employees and also send them alerts regarding the whereabouts of their employees, if they are in any sort of emergency, if they’re caught up in any natural disaster and so on.
  • Pocket-Friendly Deals - One of the main reasons why people prefer traveling for business through agencies is that they cannot bag a great deal be it on flights or hotels on their own. Flights and especially hotels that look appealing or impressive often dig a huge hole in the pockets. Hence, agencies which offer exciting deals on bookings make the entire travel experience a pleasant affair.

These are a few pointers you should definitely keep in mind and discuss with your corporate travel agency well in advance.

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