The Land of Lakes Will Leave Your Jaw Dropped

Bhopal is packed with many thrilling spots for visitors. Though it has different types of places for everyone, it is specifically popular for its mesmerising lakes. The city has been called the land of lakes.

Once you will witness the gorgeousness of the spots it has, you would definitely fall in love with the city. So, while you are planning to visit Bhopal, don’t forget that you can make arrangements for your stay in Resorts near Bhopal.

Why Bhopal is called the City of Lakes?

Bhopal is widely known as the city of lakes because it houses many artificial and natural lakes that rule the city, especially two splendid ones along with the tender rolling hills. The marvellous lakes take this city to a next level of thrill and charm.

The Spark of Upper and Lower Lake

Whenever the name Bhopal gets into ear, the name of Upper Lake crowns the mind. Of course, it is the most outstanding and enchanting spot of Bhopal. The city has been called “city of lakes” because of its two gorgeous artificial lakes known as the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake.

The two lakes are detached from each other through an over bridge which is called PulPukhta or simply Lower Lake bridge. These two urban water forms were built in the 11th century. The combination of these lakes is called Bhoj Wetland. It is now known as a Ramsar site. These lakes are considered as a chief source of drinkable water for the inhabitants of the areas. They serve about forty percent of the residents with around thirty million gallons a single day.

Where the lakes themselves are so stunning and enchanting, the gorgeous majestic garden, splendid KamlaPark makes their surroundings look absolutely pretty and breath-taking. The lakes are wonderful source of entertainment for both locals as well as tourists. This place is also an ideal spot for relishingsport activities such as kayaking, parasailing, canoeing and water skiing.

A blend of old Chic and Advanced Comforts

Bhopal is today a spectacular blend of an old-creation appeal with the advanced-age contemporary setting. While the lakes have the bigger slice of the city, still there are different other spots that add to the charm, thrill and beauty of Bhopal. You can visit numerous museums, religious destinations, park, gardens and mahals. Of course, how can we forget about the cuisines of this land? While the places will make a niche in your heart, the scrumptious cuisines of the area will endow your visit.

While different spots and places in Bhopal has their different caterings and charm, one thing which is common in every of them is their tasteful chic. Exactly, the spots are richly bestowed with remarkable panache and art.

Thus, if you haven’t thought about Bhopal as a traveling spot, it is high time you do. Don’t aloof from the thrills and natural beauty of this city. Lakes and other different destinations will enhance your traveling to a different level. Moreover, for your comfort and ease, you can get fantastic Bhopal hotels too.

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