Stress Less, Travel More – Lifestyle Travel Agents

Stress Less, Travel More – Lifestyle Travel Agents

When people think travel agents, they may think ironic retro telephones, paper boarding passes, and unstylish cutout boards in their local town. Sure, the industry has gone through quite a bit of funk in the past 20 years, but travel agents are more important now than ever before. From VIP perks at hotel accommodations to the ability to hold flights until you are sure, travel agents can do things that you can’t.

No matter how much you know about travel, an executive travel company can make all the difference. Here is why they are important for your travel plans:


If you ever used Google Flights, you must have seen an amazing deal and found that it isn’t bookable online. Some fares are only offered to travel companies or require expertise and maneuvering to make a booking. Apart from being able to unlock exclusive fares, travel agents can also hold them for free for you, allowing you ample time to sort your calendar and confirm what you need.


Travel agents are not ordinary people, if anything goes wrong on their booking, there is an immediate point of contact and stronger negotiating points too. Simply, if things go wrong on a trip you book, you might not know who to call, if things go wrong on agents booked trip, there is a dedicated support staff who actually cares.

Added Perks

Most travel agents have access to luxury privileges, virtuoso, other programs designed to win luxury travelers. If you don’t have elite status with hotels, or even if you do, the perks and rates can be better than any other option. These programs offer free breakfast, room upgrades, and other benefits like free massages. This is free money that you wouldn’t have access to if you’re booking on your own.


Despite the globalized world, on-on-one relationships still drive the travel industry. Travel agents have relationships at several airlines, airports, hotels, transit services, and tour guides, and they can leverage these relationships on your behalf. This allows them to get you the best deals in the market to make your trip even more delightful. Curation Curate in an insatiable word for all the travelers. The thought that something is tailored according to their vibe, desires, and interests is very enticing. Travel agents quickly pick up on your personality, take into account your style preference, and recommend the best places to visit or best airlines to fly based on what matters to you.


There is nothing quite like leaving the job in someone else’s hands and having it all work out perfectly. Time is money, vacation is invaluable, and you deserve the best, don’t you? Therefore, you must consider employing an executive travel company to enjoy the best of your tours.

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