Some Common Queries About Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants are popular state–of–the-art tooth replacement procedure that is widely used today in the mainstream industry. It offers a welcome alternative to dentures or bridgework offering a long-term solution to those with missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants offer one of the very best solutions in modern dentistry. They are an alternative to dentures and help fill the gaps or a missing tooth. Dental implants are titanium screws embedded in the jawbone and serve as a root or anchor for your new replacement tooth. They are surgically placed in the jawbone where teeth are missing.

Are dental implants safe?

They are safe and effective. They are performed for more than fifty years and well- established treatment option.

Why do many prefer dental implants?

Dental implants are the most preferred tooth replacement procedure, as they appear natural and hence reduce the adverse effects of social stigma. Also, they do not move around much as dentures do and allow you to eat and speak comfortably. They are more custom fit to your mouth.

How to find out whether I am an ideal candidate for dental implants?

An ideal candidate should be healthy enough to undergo tooth extraction or oral surgery. They must have healthy gums and enough bone to hold the dental implant.

How do I benefit from dental implant surgery?

Improved appearance and speech, better comfort, easier eating, long lasting and working teeth, enhanced confidence and self-esteem are some of the advantages of dental implants.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing process takes around six to twelve weeks.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

Depending upon the individual situation, there may be some discomfort and bruising that lasts only for a short time. Most dental implant procedures are done under local anaesthesia in a dental clinic. Many patients return to work and attend daily activities the very next day.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of implant treatment depends on many individual factors including the quality, amount, and location of bone, the number of teeth that need to be replaced, the number of implants needed to support these teeth and the type of implants that will be appropriate.

How to find out whether dental implants are right for you?

Determining whether dental implants are right for you can only be done by a dentist. Typically, good candidates have fully developed jawbones, healthy gums, and no serious medical problems that would interfere with healing. If you don’t have enough healthy bone to support an implant, there are several ways your dentist can correct the problem.

How to find the best dental implants?

Dental implants are sophisticated dental devices that require dental implant experts with key education, training and competence requirements to place them carefully, minimizing complications or implant failure. With the right dentist, you will be able to get the best dental implants. Specialists who are qualified to perform dental implant procedures are general dentists, prosthodontists, oral surgeons, and periodontists.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

In general, dental implants have a success rate up to 98%. However, the success rates vary depending upon where in the jaw, they are placed. They can last a lifetime if they are taken proper care of.

If you are considering dental implants in dubai, the above frequently asked questions that will help you understand the procedure better.

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