Social Media Strategies for E-Commerce to Boost Your Lead Conversion

Social Media Strategies for E-Commerce to Boost Your Lead Conversion

Setting up and e-commerce website in today’s extremely competitive environment sure is a risky move. Well, to rephrase that in a more precise way, setting up an e-commerce website in a crowded market is tough. If you have a niche product or service, then you have a good chance for striking gold in there. So fingers crossed buddy. But when push comes to shove, we need to make sure that your brand is using the best of social media strategies to kill the lead conversion game to harvest the most out of your bustling audience. Adhuntt Media is more than welcome to give you and your brand a few pointers. Let’s Go!

Know Your Audience

This might sound redundant but how can you market to an audience base that you have no idea about? Usually, brand leaders tend to go by gut instinct on what is good for their brand. This has worked wonders for some brands in the past YES, but in today’s market environment, we at Adhuntt Media believe that going by your primal instinct’s doesn’t work anymore. You need to have statistical data on your demographic target audience to backup your moves. This is how you create and promote your ads to get the most benifit from.

Prep Work

Like all things in life, a little bit of preparation never hurt no one. So, make sure that you have a good scheduled plan of how you want your social media profile to look in the upcoming weeks. Plan ahead and choose a template wisely. Facebook offers tons of features to customize exactly how your look and feel is going to be. Instagram on the other hand is driven almost completely by your content. Make sure you have a color scheme or a set of rules that you follow for your graphic design that sets the tone for your brand and the same time is unique and captures attention easily. Yes, this is not something you can achieve overnight, but most brands do not ever consider this tactic for their long term goals. But switching up the game, we can set up goal post and score points on a daily basis.

Engage your visitors

Interaction is everything. Anyone with a doubt of what this means can learn a lesson or two from the Denny’s Twitter handle. Just by being funny and sarcastic online this fast-food chain has attracted millions of fans from all around the globe. You don’t need to follow the same route. Instead by just maintaining a pleasant and “always ready to help the customer” attitude can work wonders for your brand. Be sure to give shoutouts to your loyal customers and try to build a community around your brand. This is how you make sure that your audience stays loyal and spread the word around too.!

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