Smart Ways to Empower Children with Communication Skills

Communication is an essential part of life and for children mastering the art of communication is important to reach their potential. What we speak is a reflection of our personality, and therefore, it is essential for parents to empower children with oral language and interpersonal skills to make a difference in their academic success.

Nobody is born with the gift of words. It is only through effective parenting with conscious efforts that children can boost confidence with words and expand their vocabulary. Below are some smart ways parents can use to help kids develop good communication skills and express them freely.

Start Early

The mind of a young child is like a sponge. Whatever he or she learns at this age stays embedded in his mind forever. So, it’s better not to wait for your child to grow up and then learn. Rather try to build his linguistic skills as early as possible through rhymes, music, stories, picture books, etc. Stage exposure at a play school level is also crucial to help your child overcome public speaking fear or stage fright, which will eventually boost his confidence and self-esteem while talking with people.

Expand Your Child’s Vocabulary

Always use polite, compassionate and refined language while speaking in front of your child or introducing them new words in your daily routine. Using words such as ‘good’, ‘well done’, ‘thank you’, ‘excellent’, etc. will not only help your child learn new words, but also teach him to be compassionate and kind towards others. Parents can also play games such as scrabble and Pictionary, which provide opportunities for your child to improve language skills. Also, the best play school in Noida must put efforts in inculcating good reading habits in your child. Books play an important role in enhancing knowledge of children and stimulating their thought process.

Motivate Your Child to Express        

Since communication is a two-way process, it’s extremely important for children to listen as much as they talk. Therefore, give space and freedom to your child to express his/her views in front of you as well as others while participating in the activities of the best play school. Discussing your child’s daily routine, his activities, and current affairs will surely boost self-confidence of your child as well as oral language skills.

Give Maximum Exposure to Your Child

As your child gains proficiency in language, it’s your responsibility to give him maximum exposure to convey his ideas, thoughts, and thus give him opportunities and platform to make him more open in front of others. For this, parents can encourage their children to participate in competitions such as poem recitation, declamations, debates, extempore, dramas, etc. Provide support to your child when it comes to participating in co-curricular activities. Give him freedom to make friends, mingle with others and also talk to them.

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