Should You Put Your Christmas Gifts In Bags Or Wrap Them?

Are you deciding whether or not to wrap your Christmas gifts for the holiday season? There are many resources online that may dissuade you from doing so. On the other side of it, there are also a lot of websites stating that you definitely should. If you are thinking about what to replace wrapper with, you should take a look at Coloured recyclable carriers.

Ensuring that your wrappers are recyclable not only helps in saving the planet, but there is also a lot of economic benefit to you and the person who is going to be receiving your gift. Make sure you read on below to answer this question.

1. Bags can be used for other purposes

When Christmas time is over and all gifts have been unpacked, you will undoubtedly see a lot of gift wrappers flooding trash bins. Those gift wrappers were just used only once and may not be used again unless their materials were made to decompose fast for easy recycling.

With a gift bag, you can help with recycling and reusing as well. The recipient of your gift can use the bag where your gift came in for other things. If they are grocery shopping, they can use the bag to help carry around items.

2. Bags are tidier than wrappers

Wrappers leave a lot of mess when torn apart to get to the gift. You also have to think about the time-consuming process of getting rid of all the gift wrappers. Instead of readily being able to enjoy the gift you sent, the person will have to worry about the trash in the form of wrappers.

With bags, you don’t have to stress the recipient of your gift with the task of having to rid themselves of the gift wrappers. They can just set the bag aside and focus on the gift that you had sent them.

3. Bags can be used as a tally

For those that don’t have a Christmas tradition and want to start one with a friend or family, using gift bags is a great way to start. You can keep a tally of how much you have received and how much you have given. You can also include events outside of Christmas.

Through this, you are able to appreciate the gifts that you receive a lot more because of the amount of bags that you may be getting and receiving throughout the years.

4. Bags can be personalized

There are coloured recyclable carriers that you can use if you don’t want something that looks too plain or dull. You can select the ideal shade that you want for your bag and even include a message that you want to attach right on the bag itself.

Most gift wrappers are generic in their theme and choosing a gift wrapper may become a monotonous process. You can mix it up by going with coloured recyclable carriers this upcoming holiday season when sending your gifts.

Drop the gift wraps this holiday season and try coloured paper bags for your gifts and giveaways.
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