Secret Guide To High-Paying Typing Jobs In The Market!

Secret Guide To High-Paying Typing Jobs In The Market!

For those who consider earning money from home, typing jobs are best suited. Whether you are looking to take a break or you want to spend time with your family, typing jobs are the ones which are comfortable and doesn’t require a lot of efforts and skill set.

If you are looking to work from home, typing jobs are best suited for those who can type in a reasonable speed. If not, practice and learn to type in a decent amount of time. Your typing speed depends on how fast you can complete the project and deliver valid results.

If you are looking to work from home, we will tell you about popular typing jobs available in the market.

  1. Survey Job

Online survey is an interesting and easy way to earn money. You will have to fill in the survey after getting feedback for their products and services. The type of study depends on the industry and company. There are ample number of websites which pays you if you complete your survey online. You can earn up to 300$ depending on the number of surveys you end in a month.

  1. Content Writing

Content writing is a vast field and is a bit tricky if asked to write about any specific area. It not only involves typing but a creative mind wherein you can inculcate ideas and research from the internet to your blog or article. You can earn from $100 to 500$ depending on the type of project.

  1. Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha entry jobs are the easiest ones. All you need to do is enter the text in the box and submit it. There may be difficult surveys and there will be easy ones. All you need is to identify the characters and write it in the box. You can earn up to $1.5 for every 1000 word images typed.

  1. Transcription jobs

In transcription jobs, an individual has to convert a speech to text. A speech can be either in audio form or live. You can easily make 50$ per audio hour which involves four to five hours to transcribe depending upon the complexity of the file.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

One of the most common jobs which are comfortable and exciting is data entry jobs It involves typing words to Ms word file and Ms Excel spreadsheet. This kind of work can be more technical sometimes if you are asked to clean the data and create letters and reports. You can earn from 20$ to 500$ depending on the type of project you are opting for.

  1. Captioning

This is the job in which you will be required to write headlines and captions for the image or news. Usually, this type of job role is required by the media industry. It’s not easy to find captioning jobs, but once you get it, it adds an excellent experience to your career. You can earn from 50$ to 500$ depending on the type of project.

  1. E-Mail Processing

This is amongst the highest paid jobs for data entry. Here, you need to process emails and their content and make a list in excel sheet. You may find it difficult to look for these kinds of jobs, but you can find it on freelance websites. You can earn 200$ to 1000$ depending on the type of project and emailers.

The job mentioned above doesn’t require specific skill set or qualifications. All you need to do is understand the project and deliver results effectively. Research about the roles and then choose according to your interest. Work from home efficiently with these simple typing jobs and earn money quickly.

Guest Author: Harshita Khullar

Harshita is a writer at his core, currently working with with interests in job markets and data-driven insights. She has written a lot on job search and trends on the sideline and invites everyone to test his tips and tricks to help improve upon them, so do shoot a message.

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