Restore Your Claim by the Help of DUI Attorney/Lawyer

Having yourself charged for driving under influence leads you to many legal troubles, and you come across the same regarding your car. Given that your car is insured, you would look to claim the money from the insurer, and denial is the most likely consequence. This denial of your claim puts you into further issues. At the same time, you are unable to reset the claim in legal ways without any professional help. Availing the services of a DUI Attorney is your best option in this regard. Now, what are factors that the lawyer provides proof of and presents to the court in the aim to resolve your case regarding the denial?

DUI Factors that Affect You

The following are the factors to resolve:

  • Loss of job, or more specifically, the inability to earn your living.
  • Medical expenses.
  • The extent of your pain.
  • Technical faults related to your car. In fact, you may just have to buy a new car, if the damage is that much severe.

Now, you may argue that the insurance company should understand your suffering and should be human enough to approve your claim. This is possible only in a perfect world, as providing insurance is also a business and no insurance company would want to lose money. Rather, they go for investigations and seek reasons to put in your front so that you really believe that your claim is rightly denied. In this case, your hired DUI Attorney/Lawyer stands firm for you by providing proofs and by arguing at the court legally to win the case for you.

It must have been clear to you by now that the lawyer has to go through a complicated process. This may seem that the service charge would be high. This is where an experienced and certified lawyer stands out. Their service charge is usually a small cut from the approved amount of money that you are to gain. This requires the lawyer to win the case for you. Therefore, you are to enjoy dedicated as well as affordable services from an experienced and certified DUI lawyer regarding your claim denial.

At the Law Offices of Eugene Fimbianti, P.C., we are experienced in handling all types of DUI cases. We offer our clients tough legal advocacy in service of their best interests both immediate and long term.

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