Read this if you are about to buy a new pillow

Read this if you are about to buy a new pillow

What do you look for in a pillow? Comfort and support for the head and neck? Yes! Then down pillows should be your first choice owing to their softness, luxurious feel and versatility. Though you can’t judge the quality of down pillow by merely looking at it, when you wake up minus headaches, neckaches and nasal congestions, you know you have brought the right product.

There are several other reasons as to why down pillows should be favoured,but to begin with, we would say comfort and versatility. In down pillows, you can also adjust the positioning of the fill in the pillow and get the kind of support you need on a particular night.

Some people doubt buying down pillows as they fear allergies, but as far as the allergy risks of down pillows are concerned, these are no different than the other pillow fill material. Not just this, the Hypollergenic down pillows are the kind that are cleaned during the manufacturing process, hence reducing the chances of allergies.

There are different types of down in pillows, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Duck Down: This one which is the least expensive of all, gives a nice cushioning but sometimes have an odour to it.
  • Eider Down: This one is a bit rare kind of down and also the most expensive style used in pillows. It is soft, comfortable and comes directly from the eider duck.
  • Goose Down: Goose Down is better in quality than duck down and so is also a bit higher on the cost than the latter. Why it’s better, you ask? Well, because it retains the heat trapped better than duck down.

How are down feathers any different?

Down clusters lie beneath the layer of feathers and what’s different in down is their look. These actually don’t look like feathers, but in fact, like the tiny ball of cotton threads.

Talking further about Goose Down pillows, these come in various types, namely: Siberian Goose down, Hungarian Goose Down Pillow, Canadian Goose Down. Other than these, there are also pillows that have a mixture of down and feathers. While these pillows may not be as soft as down-only pillows, some people prefer the feel of the mixed pillows.

If you still haven’t purchased bedding for this season, you know what you have to purchase. Isn’t it? Buy Down pillows and experience luxury sleep like never before.

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