Range of pillows that make Cuddledown stand out from the crowd

Range of pillows that make Cuddledown stand out from the crowd

You may not realise the value of a good bedding and specially good pillows until you find the best quality bedding that helps you enjoy a relaxing sleep. We, Cuddledown know how important the right kind of bedding is for a great night’s sleep and therefore offer some of the best products in the domain. Talking about the pillow, we know how much it is essential for the right kind of support to the head, correct allignment of the neck and spine. And here, in this blog, we have mentioned about some pillows from our range:

1.Canadian Goose Down Pillow

As is known across the world that Canadian Goose is a guaranteed source of excellent down, this pillow filled with fine quality Canadian Goose, is one of the most popular products. With the high fill power of these downs, these pillows are some of the fluffiest and so offer great comfort and suppleness.

2.Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Considered to be the finest down in the world, Hungarian Goose Down is the number one choice for all the luxury bedding. And talking about CuddleDown’s range of these pillows, we would say that ours is a product that’s generously filled with these downs.

3.Coolflow Dream Pillow

Can’t get proper sleep? Well, probably it’s because of the high temperature and lack of circulation. Our Coolflow pillow comes with formulated breathable casing and side mesh that allows for enhanced circulation and heat dissipation. With these pillows to rest your head on, you will not have to flip over to the cool side as these are cool throughout the night.

4.Down Alternative Microfibre Pillow

This is best for those who are allergic and cannot just use any kind of bedding. These offer anti-allergy protection for lasting hypoallergenic freshness.

5.Feather and Down Pillow

If you have been using feather pillows and now find it difficult to switch to down pillows then the mixture of feather and down pillows is something you should look forward to. At Cuddledown, you can customise these as per your preference; you can get the one with higher density of feather or the one with greater amounts of goose down; while the former will be more chunkier and supportive the latter will be more supple and slightly softer.

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