Places Across Europe To Go On A Budget Trip

Places Across Europe To Go On A Budget Trip

Are you burdened with work and life troubles? Do you push yourself everyday to go to work? Have the life responsibilities made you tired? Then you know it is the right time to go on a vacation!

But surviving on pay cheque to pay cheque does not really allow that, does it?

You keep worrying about staying within your budget and saving for the worst. You shop when you are in dire need to. You have to undergo cost-cutting for major events.

But what is the whole point of working so much and earning that income when you cannot even relish what you earn? How does your account balance matter if you are living under continuous stress?

Research has shown that taking time away from work actually improves productivity when you return. Holidays and vacation breaks are essential to keep your mind relaxed, and your productivity high.

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Now when you know how to fund your trip, go through some interesting places around the country you can go to on your next budget trip.

  1. Bath

This gorgeous city is located about 100 miles from London, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find natural hot springs and baths here, where you can relax in natural and thermal waters.

Walking on the city streets is a walk down the past in itself. You witness historic architecture as you move around. The city offers you great knowledge and views of a multitude of theatres, museums and cultural establishments.

The must see attractions in Bath are the Pulteney Bridge and the Roman Baths. The best way to get the most out of the city is by exploring on foot. You will be astonished and overwhelmed by the ancient heritage the city offers you.

  1. Belfast

This place is the production home for GAME OF THRONES, Titanic and some other Hollywood movies. The Titanic visitor centre is a must to visit place here. The city offers great experiences in all areas.

You can visit the beautiful botanic gardens, the Renaissance styled City Hall and the spooky Crumlin Road Gaol. The Gaol offers paranormal tours of the place, to add excitement to your vacation. The famous advice is to not take the children and the faint hearted here.

If you are a lover of art, MAC (Metropolitan Art Centre) is the right place for you. The centre offers great shows and events catering dance, music, theatre and art all throughout the year.

  1. Edinburgh

Who does not know about Edinburgh? The best highlight is that the main attraction of The Royal Mile is absolutely free. You can spend a big part of your day exploring and enjoying this marvellous site.

The city offers great tours around the city and also into the underground ghostly vaults. The Palace of Holyroodhouse stands magnificently calling you to explore its depths.

You can also witness the mysterious Lochness monster site to give your adrenaline a boost. For those scotch and whisky lovers, there is a whisky distillery and tour for you to be an expert. You can taste different ranges of whiskeys here in a guided tour.

  1. Cornwall

Cornwall is a place like no other. It includes experiences that you must cherish in your lifetime.

The Minack Theatre lets you enjoy theatre and other performances while sitting beside a coastline. This is an unforgettable encounter for anyone who is lucky to be there. You must attend the Eden Sessions Gig when in cornwall.

The Zip wire over the Adrenali Quarry and the coastline drive to Land’s End are magical adventures to undergo while on a break. Make sure you witness the enthralling sunset at the Land’s End when you reach there.

The above place and experiences are a way to completely forget about your work and life stress. You take a break, immerse yourself completely into what each city has in surprise for you and come back home fully refreshed and ready to take on more punches. And also to repay the loan you borrowed.

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