One-stop solution for Insurance Claim issues

One-stop solution for Insurance Claim issues

Insurance policies are bought by people to cover emergencies. The uncertainties of life leave people at the disposal of these insurance companies and their services. Businesses, as well as individuals, buy policies to make it up for any kind of loss incurred due to any mishaps or emergencies. 

If you run a business or an organisation, then you are involved in dealing with heavy machinery and the machinery tends to go through breakdowns in the form of mechanical and electrical failure. To cover for repair and maintenance of such machinery you should be registered for engineering claims

Businesses and individuals also go through various accidents. For instance, there could be a fire emergency at any point of the time damaging life and property. In such cases, businesses and individuals should own an insurance policy to get a fire claim for dealing with such situations. 

To get a claim: 

  • Inform the insurance company instantly

  • A person will be sent to scrutinise the situation by the insurance company

  • Submit the claim form and documents asked by the company

  • Your claim will be approved in 15-30 days. 

The Claim Consultants is a third-party company that helps individuals and businesses to get the claim amount for their insurance policy at the right time. The Claim Consultants helps the insured person or business by bridging the gap between the insurance company and the insured. The insured person only needs to register on their online portal and fill in the details of the required policy documents. The experts will assess your files and you can track the status of the procedure through the online platform. The whole process of claiming the amount for insurance claim be it fire claim or engineering claim is thus made easier.

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