Log Cabin Decorating-Not Just For The Country or Wilderness Living Anymore

Log cabin décor isn’t just for cabins or log homes anymore which may explain the rise in its popularity. You don’t need to live in the wilderness or country to bring a warm, comfy cabin feel inside.  With its simplicity and beauty, this style can fit well into any home.  With the wide variety of log cabin furniture and accessories that are available today, you can bring the charm and homey feeling to every room.

An important element in getting that rustic log home feeling is wood.  There are wood floors, of course, but you can also generate that warmth with wood walls or even a wood ceiling since many homes now have high ceilings.  There are lots of different kinds of wood used for interior decorating.  Reclaimed barn wood is huge these days, but you should also look at pine, maple, hickory, oak, alder, aspen, cherry or even red cedar.  There are also different finishes to consider, from smooth and polished to worn and a little scuffed looking.

When choosing furniture for your space, look for pieces you would find in a mountain cabin.  Things that are earthy and woodsy.  Large upholstered sofas in fabrics of earth tones and roomy oversized chairs in worn-looking leather can bring a homey and cozy feel to your room.  Coffee tables, end tables or kitchen tables that are made from the woods used in log cabin décor fit right in.  For bedrooms you will create an inviting look by using log beds with thick quilts and large colorful pillows.  Add a log dresser and bed side tables with soft lighting and you’ll have a room that is relaxing and tranquil.

Lighting can be a key element in creating ambiance in your home.  With high ceilings, a large chandelier would be the perfect way to make a statement in either your living room or the entry way.  To compliment your rustic look, incorporate some table lamps or floor lamps made from wood or metal.   Wall sconces add perfect lighting for that comfortable cabin feel.  Elk antlers and deer antlers are now very popular in decorative lighting and have look beautiful.

There really aren’t many colors that don’t work with log cabin decor.  Mix and match with hues of creamy yellows, woodsy greens and browns, orange, deep reds, and rich purples.  Fabrics with floral patterns, solid colors or tartans fit in perfectly with the log cabin look.  Bring these colors in with your window coverings, rugs, pillows, throw blankets and artwork.  Window coverings such as curtains or sheers should be simple. Or put in some beautiful wood blinds.  Rugs will add an abundance of texture and warmth to any room.  Scatter around some natural fiber woven rugs or find an oriental rug in rich colors to anchor a room.

Log cabin decorating should not stop with furniture.  You should also take into account your walls.  Artwork, wall hangings and mirrors all help tie a room together. And don’t forget about all the accessories that add a little character.  Think fishing lures, fishing creels, old snow shoes, duck decoys – pretty much anything that reflects the character of a log cabin. Remember the antler lighting? Antlers can be incorporated in lots of different accessories or simply hang them on the wall for a truly natural decoration.

So, use your imagination and put your creative juices to work and bring Mother Nature’s beauty into your home with cozy log cabin décor. You will have a home, or a room, that is comfortable, inviting and beautiful.

Bonnie Hart has always loved nature and brings that love of the outdoors into homes thru decorating.  She helps run a website that sells log cabin décor.  Visit their site today at http://www.cozylogcabindecor.com.

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