India’s Top 10 Fuel Efficient Bikes

Here are the top ten most fuel efficient bikes that have taken the term fuel-efficiency’’ to a different level. Made keeping just one thing in mind – to deliver most per litre – these are the bikes that have helped the commuter segment spend on the finer things in life.

India is a country that has taken “kitna deti hai?” a lot more seriously than any other nation in the world. The mass still hasn’t matured enough to put performance, beauty, aesthetics, or any other aspect, ahead of fuel efficiency. That is probably the reason why the bread and butter of most of the two-wheeler manufacturers come from these more-smiles-per-litre motorcycles. Here we bring you the top ten motorcycles in India that specialise in taking as much as they can from every drop of gasoline available to them.

Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Bikes in India:

Hero Splendor iSmart – 102.5km/l

This is the product Hero came up with when they decided to make an iconic motorcycle gel with next-level technology that has made it India’s most fuel efficient motorcycle. Equipped with the start-stop technology, which enables the bike to shut down automatically if in neutral for more than five seconds, this bike actually saves a lot of fuel in a city where traffic is a problem.

Bajaj Platina ES – 96.9km/l

The Platina ES, which in this case stands for Electric Start, is one of the two Bajaj bikes in this entire list. Powered by the highly evolved and trusted DTS-I engine using dual spark plug technology, this bike delivers 96.9 kilometres for every litre of petrol.

Hero Splendor Pro – 93.21km/l

Second, but not the last, Splendor in this list uses the same 97.2cc engine that has been doing wonders from the time it was developed. In its latest avatar the Splendor Pro delivers a fuel efficiency of 93.21km/l.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic – 93.21km/l

No prizes for guessing. This is the same thing as above and hence the performance statistics are same too. This is the same 97.2cc engine used in the Splendor Pro, but the bike has been designed to give you a café racer styling. 

Baja Discover 100 – 90.3km/l

This is the second and the last entry from Bajaj in this list of top 10 fuel efficient bikes. The Bajaj Discover 100 is propelled by a four-valve DTS-i engine which is aimed at maximising the proper combustion of fuel. With 90.3km/l, the Bajaj Discover 100 is India’s 5th most fuel efficient bike.

Hero Splendor NXG – 89.04km/l

The fourth Splendor in this list is the Splendor NXG. On papers, there is no difference between the output of this bike and that of Splendor iSmart, except the fuel efficiency. Against iSmart’s 102.5km/l, the Splendor NXG delivers 89.04km/l which makes it the sixth best bike in this list.

Hero HF-Dawn – 88.56km/l

This is a bike that pretty much redefines the term ‘value for money’. Available for just a little over Rs. 38,000, this bike delivers an astonishing 88.56 kilometers per liter of gasoline. This is a bike that has been serving the Indian commuters for almost three decades now.

Hero HF-Deluxe – 88.56km/l

This is the better-looking version of the HF-Dawn and essentially uses the same engine which has not been changed at all. In simple words the HF-Deluxe delivers the same fuel efficiency as that of the HF-Dawn – 88.56km/l. 

Hero HF-Deluxe Eco – 88.56km/l

Let’s call this bike Hero HF-Deluxe in green colour. From the engine perspective, there is absolutely nothing different between this one and the previous two machines. Hero just decided to paint it green to emphasise on the brilliant fuel efficiency which is 88.56km/l, again. 

TVS Star Sport – Duralife – 87.7km/l

The only other entry from a manufacturer apart from Hero and Bajaj is the TVS Star Sport – Duralife. This bike is powered by a 100cc engine which has low-friction roller-follower technology to provide a brilliant fuel efficiency of 87.7km/l.

So there we have it, the ten most fuel efficient bikes in India. As you can see from the mileage figures above the competition is pretty close in the run up to the most fuel efficient bikes in India.

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