Important Things to Know Before travelling to Morocco

With sweeping desert, high mountains and rugged coastline, Morocco is country of dizzying diversity in Africa. Spice market smells, rainbows of color and urban orchestra of sounds, this place can be overwhelming at first. From peaks of High Atlas to Saharan dunes, Morocco welcomes the travelers looking for adventure and spice. Its mountains offer breathtaking pleasures and on lower ground, there are waterfalls, rugged coastlines and caves. This beautiful country is attracting more and more people every year. But before you visit this ancient and amazing country, remember these important things:

Dress Properly

Guys can wear whatever they like, but women need to dress properly. Avoid wearing revealing clothes as it will cause unwanted attention by locals. Take a scarf or shawl with you; it comes handy if you want to visit any mosque.

Cost and currency

Many shops will accept credit card, but small street vendors and cabs will not, so be ready with cash of local currency. The cost of 1 USD is roughly 9 Dirhams, and being touristy country, prices are comparable to Europe.

Exchange enough money

When travelling to Morocco, make sure you have lot of cash and exchange enough money. The front desk at hotel can help you to exchange money. Since, it may be hard to find ATM so keep cash in your pocket in advance; because ATMs run out of money easily.

Multilingual country

Morocco is multilingual country. Though Arabic is the official language, but you’ll also hear Berber, French, English, Spanish and several dialects.

Keep correct change

There will be time when you will need change to avoid overpaying, so keep it beforehand. Most of cab drivers will not return you the remaining amount. So make sure you have correct change.

Learn to negotiate

If you are shopping in markets of Morocco, show your skills of bargaining. Selling is their national sport and bargaining is part of their culture. Keep in mind that if you haggle, you can get the same thing at least 25% of starting price.

No to tour guides

Strangers will offer you tour of city, be firm and tell them no. It doesn’t matter how helpful they are and their age, if you start walking with them, they will take you to the place where you will be compelled to buy things you don’t want.

Even though Morocco is tourist-friendly destination, but there are few mistakes that tourists make. So, get your air tickets with Malaysia Airlines Reservations, and follow the above-mentioned to have best trip ever.

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