How to Streamline Your Logo Design Process On A Budget

How to Streamline Your Logo Design Process On A Budget

Designing a logo for the business of yours is pretty much like selecting a name on the birth of your child. Unless or until you have made up your mind or have got a perfect idea in your imagination for some decent amount of time, it can still be a very challenging and daunting task. On one side, your business’ logo has just been perfect and should be representative of the mission of your brand, but on the other side (at the same time), you required a logo for the sake of moving forward on everything or anything. You just cannot launch or present your website in absence of a logo, you just cannot print business or visiting card or any other promotional stuff without a logo, and the list can go on and on and on.

A smart, flowery or eye-catching logo is nothing but an integral and crucial proportion of a branding strategy that is efficient and effective.

Have you given any attention or ever take notice of an arrow in the logo of Amazon which is pointed from “A” to “Z” (the alphabetical letters)? The creative and catchy elements of Amazon’s logo are literally very well thought out. It is because that the consumers can easily get the knowledge about a basic fact. The fact that this company is responsible to sell each and everything, right from letter A to Z; just when they give a glance on the logo. While the arrow in the logo is there for another purpose, it is designed too, to resemble or match one smiling face. This also matches perfectly with their smile program, a program with a background revolves around charity. A charity based program that has an idea to donate some amount to various charitable organizations. This is probably just one (good and perfect) example of a logo that can convey a brand image in positive and in the most efficient manner.

So, the question arises here as to how one can streamline a process of logo designing while remaining in the boundary of budget and finish up with a particular design that floats the identity of your brand in front of your targeted customers?

Research – The Starting Point

More success will come towards you if you spend, upfront, more time in doing the research. Spending quality time with the logo designer is imperative. With the armory of fonts, colors and some designs which you like the most, and what your mind is pushing towards a certain logo, you can well organize the logo designing process and reduce down the number of revisions, and can also cut down the cost as well.

Logos are required to endure the testing time. This is simply because of the fact that you generally do not wish to frequently rebrand your logo. This is the reason, why the process of research is crucial and critical. While you wish a logo that represents your business and brand in true spirit, you also require something classic. Classic enough to grow up with your company without fear of getting outdated.

Differentiate yourself with the competitors

As Evelyn Frison describes; “Commence with analyzing logos of your competitors and find out a method to differentiate your logo”. Mr. Frison is Pivote's Co-founder, a luxurious and functional clothing brand.

It is crucial that your brands logo design is not closer to that of your competitors, which are operating within the premises of your industry. This is so because your potential customers do not get confused. The last and an important thing any newly established business desires are their hardly done marketing efforts go worthless. Because consumers can confuse a certain brand with that of another.

By asking yourself a few but important questions can aid you in bringing on the correct path:

  • What is the company’s basic product, offering or service? Use the brain for out of the box thinking, while answering this particular question. For instance, you may be the seller of comfortable leggings which are perfect and easy for traveling purposes, but you do not wish your brand’s logo to represent the stuff you sell. Alternatively, you may have a wish to represent the lifestyle of traveling which has the support of your products; as your targeted customers can easily relate to the aspects of your business.
  • What your company does and why does your company do?
  • The target customers of your company?

The replies of these questions can easily and rightly take you to to-the-point ideas or design to inculcate within your selected or contemplated brands logo design.

Frison also says that “Imagine about how to inculcate your values or characteristics of your brand into your logo. And imagine about practical utilization in particular situations as well. For example, at which place the logo will appear? Such as, if the logo is too lengthy, it might be unsuitable to indulge on the swag of the company.”

Do it yourself

If you are out of the heavy or demanding budget in order to take professional designers logo design service onboard, you can do it yourself, always. And the heartening aspect about this solution is that you can design something very unique, customized looking and personal.

Katherine Sprung, the owner of a famous brand that is involved in making a tiny batch of marshmallow and company of confectionary, created her logo by herself in a creative and in a very interesting way. She did not have a large scale budget to design a logo, so she sketched a logo by her hand, then scanned the logo. She had her friend which turned a logo into a high-quality digital version with the help of an illustrator. The total cost she had to bear in creating a logo for her brand was just 20 US Dollars. And for her font, she used Calligrapher logo design service, a website which turns handwriting stuff into a font which is downloadable and for free too.

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